Goals Update - The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men....

...or something like that!

After my wild and crazy week last week, I was ready for a weekend complete with not one but TWO dates with John and some time to get a few things done around the house.   Plus, I had a Super Savings Saturday post half done and my thoughts all aligned for my These are a Few of My Favorite Things for Sunday too! 

So, Friday I ended up with a super duper sinus infection courtesy of one of my co-workers and spent the rest of the weekend SLEEPING.  Then, when I was all ready to go and post on Sunday evening, Comcast had our Internet down. 

I think I'm officially ready for Christmas break!  **SIGH**

What have I accomplished over the last week or so?
* Cleaned out our guest room (my MIL is coming tomorrow so she needed a place to sleep!)
* Finished Christmas clothes for my daughter (mom had started them)
* Made homemade tree ornaments with my kids
* Made Chocolate Dipped marshmallows
* Made Hot Cocoa mix to go with the marshmallows
* Got the Advent wreath and the Advent calendar out
* Managed to mend John's scrub top with a ripped out seam
* Finished a Christmas present for my daughter
* Found a perfect "experience" present for my daughter (very reasonably priced, I might add)
* Grades almost done for the semester for my teaching (1 more test and lab still coming up!)
* Finished a paper
* Sewed a baby quilt
* Started two of the comforter covers I need to get done ASAP

Never mind that I'm still on my to-do list from 2 weeks ago!  At least forward progress is being made. 

And I like that!

How are you doing?  Care to share?


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