Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Brief Note This Week

We were at my in-laws out of state for Thanksgiving and this weekend has been one of those weeks where I wish I could hit "Rewind" and start over! 

Really! I managed not to blow up at anyone, but it was really tough - especially since the person I wanted to blow up at the most was ME!  ***SIGH*** I hate it when that happens!  :)

Anyway, the short story is we took nothing in terms of productive school/teaching-type tasks down to my in laws with us and I am still working on things that needed to be done early this week! Uff da.  We also had a ton of other little things happen that if they had happened individually would have been no big deal at all, but combined and with the mountain of missed work to catch up on, sleep has been a rare and treasured treat around here!  My final crown of the day was forgetting the kids backpacks for school today right next to our front door and not having any time to go back and get them before school let out today. Ugh.

Thus, the absence from blogging this week.

I have a Frugal Friday post all ready to go and I've been working on my Super Savings Saturday post since we went shopping when we got back on Sunday, rather than Saturday, so that counts for this week, not last.  (Did you follow that?) 

My camera litterlly took a bath over the weekend so I won't have pictures to add to posts until we get a new camera.

So, I'll be back tomorrow with a mostly pictureless Frugal Friday. Until then, have a wonderful evening.

And thanks for your patience!

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