Work Home and Family - A Quick Tidbit About Clutter

Yep, that's an actual picture of the clutter that has resided in my home in the last year or so.  That was the pile under my desk in our home office.  Yikes!  Most of it had been sitting there for over a year!

In this process of cleaning out my home this year, I've discovered something:

Time is what I want to gain, not stuff.  And cleaning out the clutter earns me time.


I don't have to hunt for things.
I don't have to shuffle things in order to use a space.
I don't have to shuffle things in order to clean.
I don't have to buy a duplicate because I can't find something (and that saves me money too).

It used to take me a while (at least 30 minutes) to set my living room to rights at the end of the day.  

Now I can do it in about 5 minutes, 10 if I want to sweep the energy and dust the surfaces.

I love that.

Now I just have to finish cleaning out the rest of the house.

Five minutes per room I can handle.  This 30 minute stuff is for the birds!

I'm planning on continuing my Tips for Busy Moms piece next week - re-running what I'd written before and continuing them with new in sequence, so that we don't have the week long breaks in between.  Stay tuned...


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