Random Thoughts on Using Time on a Saturday Morning

I have a quiet house this morning. 

John is out of town and the kiddos spent last night with some very dear friends of ours, who are our surrogate family here in the Twin Cities.  Buddy couldn't stand still when he learned they were staying overnight last night!  I told them before they went to school yesterday morning rather than on Thursday night, since I did want them to actually sleep instead of staying awake until the wee hours of the morning due to excitement.  They were excited enough about just visiting (our friends were picking them up from school), and getting them to bed was a 2 hour process as it was. I can't imagine if they had known they were 'having a sleepover' before they went to bed! 

Anyway, I have a quiet house to myself.  And I had one last night. I haven't been 'home alone' in the 5 years since my kids were born so this is a definite treat!

Sleeping in was heavenly.
Sitting in a quiet living room, in my rocking chair with my hot cup of coffee was heavenly too.
Waking up at 630am and realizing that I didn't have to beat the kids out of bed if I wanted true quiet time was a bit weird! :)

I realized something though...

I had time all to myself last night from 730pm until I went to bed (which was about midnight) and I have time to myself this morning until the kiddos come home (right after lunch). 

I can make use of that time or I can squander it.

Maybe it's pathetic of me to clean my bathroom and write up solution sets. 
Maybe it's pathetic of me to balance my budget notebook and clean out the kids' closets and drawers.  Maybe it's pathetic of me to spend some of that time sewing Christmas gifts for the kids. 
Maybe it's pathetic of me to spend that time going through a stack of junk mail that's been sitting in our incoming mail tray for 3 weeks.

After all, I could have....
Watched a movie.
Gone shopping.
Surfed the net.
Spent some time on my embroidery.
Gone to breakfast or dinner with a friend or by myself.

I do have errands to run that involve digging through clothing racks at a consignment shop or thrift store, things I'd like to find out more information on, a pillow case that needs to be embroidered by Christmas time and dinner out without dishes and cooking does sound lovely.

Instead, I cleaned my bathroom last night and talked on the phone to my mom about the medical problems of a relative (he is asking for help and guidance). I talked to my dad and sorted the mail.  I got the summer to fall clothes swap done for the kids and hauled a ton of outgrown clothing downstairs to the laundry room to be washed and sorted for donation.  I got everything in one place to so I could balance our budget notebook this morning. I even did a little sewing.  I did drink a cup of tea while giving John my undivided attention when he called.  And I did take the time to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book for about 30 minutes last night too.

This morning, I'm tackling laundry, my teaching and course planning things, and our budget notebook.  I did take time to have a cup of coffee and rock in my living room longer than normal and spent a bit of extra time in my devotions.

You see, I spent two years being unable to do much of anything.

And having all these unfinished things is what's eating away at my peace and cluttering up my mind and my to-do list.

I'd rather spend my child- and husband-free time yesterday and today helping catch myself up and restoring my peace of mind than spend it on things I can do with relative ease at other times.

There aren't any movies I want to watch right now.
John and I can hire a babysitter and go out to dinner. Or we can take the kids with us for a family outing.
I can go shopping another time - I don't have anything I need to get right now.
My friends and I have semi-regular coffee or breakfast dates anyway.
And my embroidery is getting done in fits and starts around other things and on car trips anyway.

Peace of mind is more important to me than doing something for a splurge and that's what I'm after.  Not really quiet time to myself doing something that sounds good but only brings immediate reward.

A bit pathetic.  Maybe.
Realistic and helpful.  Sure.

Heading toward peace of mind and an uncluttered to do list and house?  I'll take that any day!
What more can I ask for?


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