Monday, October 18, 2010

Goals Update - The Everything-Happens-at-Once Around Here Edition

Nothing like having everything happen at once around here.

I have been furiously trying to dig myself out from under a pile of grading for about 2 weeks now.  But I keep giving assignments so it doesn't completely go away.  And just when I started to make progress, life happens. Never mind trying to keep up with everything else that I need to do for work and school.

The kids were sick - with the flu - again.

One of our neighbor's passed away and there was a funeral to attend.   

Some committee work I've been working on for months now fell completely apart.  (ARRGH!)

Missy had a birthday party to attend this weekend.

The kids had their big fall 'homecoming' festival at school - including singing at worship there on Sunday morning.  (During which time I kept telling myself that no, I could not tell that Missy's skirt wasn't faded and that she really didn't need to wear the pleated skirt that has been on back-order for 2 months! Sigh.)

And then this last week my dad ended up in the hospital with some unknown event making him faint.  He keeled over in the bathroom one morning, cracked his eye socket, cut his eyebrow, and scraped up his face.  And gave himself quite the black eye - which you would expect from a cracked eye socket.  He had a second episode later in the week  - no more black eyes that time! - and they admitted him for observation for a few days. They can't figure it out - all of his tests come back "healthy as a horse!" (What exactly does that mean, by the way...)

And I feel like I've been run over by a freight train.

And two weekends ago I decided that I was going to write out what I had to get done each day so that I would be on track the beginning of November for everything that needs to happen during the holidays and with school, work, etc.   The plan was that I would know exactly what I would need to do each day. No fuss. No muss. No questions.  Just do it.  And things will get done on or ahead of time.  My stress level will go down, not up.  And I'll actually have time for some 'fun' things too.

As of right now I've made it up to Tuesday of last week!  

When will I ever learn that life happens and I just have to plan for it.


How are your goals coming? Care to share?

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