Sunday, April 18, 2010

These are a Few of My Favorite Things - Spring Flowers

Isn't this lovely? This rhododendron is what I see out my kitchen window every morning right now. I love it! We recently got done with daffodils too.

I love spring.

And I especially love the flowers of spring. My irises that are in the protection of the house will be blooming soon, I have a lone tulip in my front flower bed waiting to bud (usually the bunnies get all of them, so this one has me pretty excited!) next to my Lily of the Valley, and then the lilacs will be out just in time for Mother's day.

Almost all of my plants are perennials and are gifts from others - friends, family - or they came with the house.

I have peonies from both sides of my family. The light pink and white grew originally on the farm that my great-great grandparents had when they immigrated from Switzerland in the 1860's. The bright pink one was brought to the farm my Dad grew up on by my Grandmother when she got married in 1929. The ruffle edge peach and yellow lilies belonged to my great grandmother after she came from Finland right around 1900. I also have irises, rhubarb, and Asiatic lilies with family connections. Later this summer, I will enjoy roses from my bushes - one for each of my children. A red one for my son and a pink one for my daughter. Both bloom all summer long and I so enjoy the reminder of how blessed I am with the love of 2 beautiful, healthy and energetic children.

Every year I love watching all of these bloom. I love knowing that my relatives enjoyed these same flowers so many years ago. I love thinking about my family and the connection we have had with the land and the Lord.

I love seeing the beauty that God created. Truly, they are arrayed more gloriously than Solomon.

What do you enjoy about spring? I hope you take the time to enjoy it even if it's something far simpler than roses or lilies or irises.

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