Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kid Funnies

On Wednesday night I have choir practice at church. We have re-arranged the schedule when our women's group practices as well (we only sing about 4 times a year) and I got home later than usual on Wednesday because of that. Buddy and Missy were in bed, so I went in to kiss them goodnight.

Missy was still awake. And hugged and kissed me.

Buddy looked like he was asleep. But he said "I love you, Mama" when I kissed him.
I replied, "You're almost asleep, aren't you Buddy?"
His answer:
"No, Mom, I'm already asleep."


Defn: a large ring, usually made of plastic, placed around a person's middle and kept there by 'wiggling the hips' while the ring spins in circles. (Typically known as "hula-hoops" to adults).

(John had heaps of fun with that one - and I couldn't look at him or I'd really laugh!)

Aren't kids fun?
What more can I ask for?

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