Frugal Friday - End of October

Tap.  Tap. Tap.  This thing still working?  *SMILE*

Yep, pretty sure this still works!

I hope everyone is well and having a good fall.

We have been busy.  All the typical things plus 3 funerals, 2 weddings, two family events, and a short trip to visit friends have taken up the weekends.  It's all been good. I'm really ready for a weekend at home! Thankfully, this is that weekend. Even better the children are off today and we got a cozy day at home.  Good thing too - it's snowing here in Minnesota today.  Not a ton of snow (what we usually call a 'dusting').

Anyhow, frugal things from the last week or so, now that I have time to pause:

* Made bread, soft pretzels, zucchini bread, and waffles here a home.

* Made soft pretzels with the Sunday School children at church as part of our month-long celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.

* Used craft supplies and Lego's we had on hand to complete a school project the children needed to complete.

* Our daughter used ribbon we already owned and a charm she bought with babysitting money to make herself a necklace.

* I used fabric scraps from previous sewing to make a baby quilt for our niece, who is expecting her first baby next month.

* I cleaned out and reorganized the freezers. Then I made a menu through the end of the year, which means we can buy fewer groceries through the end of the year.

* Our son helped me pick green tomatoes this week, before the snow and freeze. I have them ripening in a paper bag on the windowsill in the kitchen.  We’ll enjoy BLT’s this next week.

* My husband brought home a loaf of banana-walnut bread and a jar of current jam from a local organization’s Pastor Appreciation dinner.  Yum!

* The children made Halloween costumes using what we had at home.  We did give them $5 each for any needed supplies.  Our son is going to be Poseidon from the Percy Jackson series – swim trunks he owns, a Hawaiian style shirt borrowed from my husband and a trident bought at a thrift store and painted with paint we had on hand.  Our daughter is a show girl, using a dance costume and tights from a previous year at dance, a pair of my shoes, a top hat bought at the thrift store and a wooden dowel painted black and white for a dance cane.  They turned out great!

I think that’s it for now.  What did you do this week that is frugal?


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