Frugal Friday - This Past Week

We played board games a few times this week. My children received Harry Potter Clue for Christmas last year and it has been a hit!

After spending the first part of summer teaching, the middle part working to get my health and energy back, I've been spending the last few weeks catching up on all the things that needed to be done.  I feel like we have been terribly busy.  I know that's not necessarily true but it feels that way.  Since I haven't posted a Frugal Friday for quite a while, I am going to just start with this past week on frugal things we've done.

Here we go!

* Ate all meals but one at home.
* Attended a taco buffet pot luck for one meal.  We brought shredded cheese from the freezer.

* Harvested tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and peppers from the garden this week.

* Hemmed five new pairs of pants for my son for school this fall. I found that if I order them on clearance sale in June unhemmed, I save a large amount of money and I can hem a double hem that can be let down later.

* I blanched and froze beans, corn, and cabbage.

* I used items we had on hand too fix a curtain rod. 

* I used items on hand to make tie backs for three sets of curtains.

* I used zucchini to make cookies, bars, and bread.

* I worked as an "expert" at an event for the Solar Eclipse.  We did not have a full eclipse here, but at over 80%, it was quite good.  My family was able to attend for free and I was paid a small gratuity for working.

* The children and I scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen and the master bedroom. I had a bit of painting to do in our bedroom, so the walls had to be washed before painting.  Finished up the painting using things we had on hand, including paint.

* Hemmed a set of curtains that were way too long for the location they are in. I will use the leftover fabric to cover a cushion on a bench.

I think that's it for this week.  What did you do this week?


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