Menu Plan - Week of April 23, 2017

I have to admit I was a bit shocked to see that it's been over a month since I posted something here.  I truly didn't think it had been that long.  Then I looked at my calendar. 

That's our Easter morning table up there. Easter baskets we've had for quite a while now (John's and mine - the two in the front - for almost 20 years now!) and are filled with an array of "needed" items (socks, belts, gloves) to finish off the Easter outfits and, of course, some goodies.  The bag of jelly beans in the middle was for everyone.  John had to be out the door at 445am for Sonrise worship so I went back to bed for an hour or so after he left and then got myself and the kiddos up for worship at our normal time. Just over 300 souls joined us for Easter worship between the two services; almost double our usual attendance.  It was a lovely day!

My Mom made Missy one last little girl Easter dress with the big net and taffeta skirt and taffeta bodice.  She is definitely growing up so the cut was more mature but she loved the dress.  Buddy looked quite dapper in his jacket and tie and I had a new outfit too.  We enjoyed a huge Easter dinner at a friend's house and took a nap.  Perfect Easter day!

I have just a couple of weeks of the semester left and then jump right into summer session.  The children's birthday is next week and my parents will be here visiting for a month again.  I'm looking forward to it.  Along with the end of the year, we have something big every single week between now and Independence Day in July.  Two dance competitions, the recitals, spring band concert, the spring school play, the children's birthday, a family wedding, two weeks of church camp and two of archery camp.  I'm grateful for all the opportunities we have and for the ability to do all these things.  I just wish they weren't all crammed into the same 8 weeks!

Anyway, we're heading into spring here too.  My daffodils and tulips are blooming and my two rhododendrons are making me ridiculously happy.  We're hoping it is warm enough and dry enough to start eating outside again soon.   I'm also looking at what needs to be done in my garden.  So exciting!

We've been doing really good at keeping under our grocery budget.  Planning meals from the freezer and pantry first and replacing things as we run out rather than just shopping sales as I usually do.  I'm getting ready for spring and summer produce and we should be harvesting rhubarb soon.  Yum!

After all that, here's our menu for the week:

Sunday, April 23:
     Breakfast: Yogurt and Toast
     Lunch: Sandwiches, Cut Veggies
     Snack: At the Piano Recital
     Dinner: Beef Stew and French Bread (leftover from a church event - the person who did the cooking sent home a container with us)

Monday, April 24:
      Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and Toast
      Lunch: Leftover Beef Stew
      Snack: Baby Carrots
      Dinner: Kielbasa, Cabbage, Flatbread, and Cantaloupe

Tuesday, April 25:
     Breakfast: Oatmeal with Walnuts and Dates
     Lunch: Leftover Cabbage with leftover noodles
     Snack: Yogurt
     Dinner: Roasted Yam and Butternut Squash, Chicken Flavored Rice, Cantaloupe-Pineapple-Mandarin Orange Salad

Wednesday, April 26:
      Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and Toast
      Lunch: Leftover Roasted Yam and Squash and Rice
      Snack: Raspberry Banana Smoothie
      Dinner: Rice Bowl with Egg, Spinach and Tomatoes

Thursday, April 27:
      Breakfast: Oatmeal Muffins, Raspberry Banana Smoothies
      Lunch: Sandwiches, Apples and Yogurt
      Snack: Bananas
      Dinner: Baked Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, Pineapple and Cantaloupe

Friday, April 28:
      Breakfast: Chai Spiced Oatmeal
      Lunch: Apples with Peanut Butter, Yogurt with Granola
      Snack: Walnuts
      Dinner: Chicken Noodle Soup for the Children, Out on a Date with a Gift Card for Mom and Dad

Saturday, April 29:
      Brunch: Maple Oat Scones, Sausages, Pineapple-Banana-Apple Salad
      Snack: Soft Pretzels
      Dinner: Homemade Pizza and Breadsticks

What are you eating this week?


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