Twenty Things I Learned at My Husband's Ordination

Our corsages and boutonnieres from the Ordination
We're through Ordination and into daily ministry.  Whew!   What a wonderful, wonderful day and such a blessed time!

Here are 20 things I learned at my husband's ordination, some totally tongue-in-cheek and some quite serious.

1.  No one wants to sit next to the Bishop at dinner.
2. People have no idea what to give as gifts for an Ordination.
3. You can't find Ordination cards at Target.  Go figure. 
4. The greeting card holder on our kitchen wall holds 26 cards before they start falling out of the holder. 
5. If you're wearing and alb (clerical robe), no one really cares what you're wearing underneath.
6. Photographers know how to pin on corsages and boutonnieres.
7.  All sorts of people have been praying for us - some we had NO idea!
8. Ordering food for an unknown number of people is difficult.
9.  Finding out what to do with leftover tossed lettuce salad is even more difficult.
10.  Most children have at least a vague idea of how to behave at a worship service.
11. We have a ton of wonderful friends.
12.  My husband's immediate family takes up 2 whole rows of pews by themselves (and that was with 7 people unable to attend).
13. My family that was there took up a whole additional row of pews - but that included extended family.
14.  Beautiful weather in October is not to be taken for granted.
15.  We have several talented artists in our family - my husband received three paintings for his office and three handmade stoles - all beautiful!
16.  All the cousins and extended cousins in my husband's family get along really well - and we're talking 13 children under the age of 12!  And every one of them said "excuse me" when they ran through our tiny little house while playing afterward, so they didn't disturb the 14 adults trying to converse.
17.  Waiting to see the photographs is driving me nuts.
18.  Everyone that was there was so excited for my husband to officially become a Pastor!  And so many commented on how terrific he'll be at it.
19.  My husband has been blessed with amazing mentors and colleagues through this journey.
20.  God has blessed us so very richly!
Bonus #1: Our driveway can hold a 25foot motor home with ease, though parking it was a bear.  And they had 7 people staying in it comfortably.  
Bonus #2:  Planning an ordination is a lot like planning a wedding.
Bonus #3: And just like at a wedding, if you are the person being ordained or an immediate family member, you will not get to finish your dinner.
Bonus #4: Having cheesecake bites for dessert means that you will get to have dessert, however!
What types of things have you learned this week?


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