Frugal Saturday - Birthday Week!

So it's the twin's birthday this week - they turn 11 today (Saturday).  These years have flown so fast and I'm really enjoying being their Mom.   They are at an age right now where they are growing and learning so much and are so much more independent than even a year ago - it's really fun to watch those proverbial wings sprout!

It's been pretty frugal week all things considered.  I was hoping to get a frugal flops post done this week but I think we'll have to save that for next week instead.  My parents are visiting and we're so happy to have them here!  We've had a really good first week of their visit and we're looking forward to several more weeks filled with dance events, school concerts and the like.  I'm hoping to get to the Farmer's Market in Downtown St. Paul (my favorite!) next weekend and finish purchasing seedlings for our garden.  We're planning a few more things in the garden than in the past - more beans and strawberries, more cutting flowers.  I'm really excited!

Okay - on to the frugal things!
* Ate all but one meal at home and brown-bagged the rest.  My parents bought us take-out for dinner last night since we were at a softball game until 8pm last night.  I had planned dinner in the crockpot but it was almost 90F here and Dad really didn't feel like soup so he offered to treat us!  Yum!

* Made muffins, sugar cookies, and bread this week.  We also made meatloaf, stir fry and tomato sauce at home this week.

* We picked rhubarb from the garden and made both a crisp and a pie.  We'll make muffins this weekend.

* We received asparagus from our CSA.  YUM!

* Bought some of my children's birthday gifts on sale (JoAnn had a terrific 60% off one item a couple of weeks ago and another 40% off one item coupon. I printed them on two different days and used them on those days to get two gifts at a good discount for each of my children.).  I made other gifts for my children.  These are the gifts you see in the picture at the top.  I also made my children coupons for fixing up a part of their rooms that they have been wanting to do - each has one area that needs to be better organized and cleaned out. I promised to help them with that before the end of May so it's all ready for summer.  (And don't worry - Buddy has more than one present there - they just all blend together due to the wrapping paper!)

* We bought three pepper seedlings and 12 zinnias at the school "early bird" plant sale.  Proceeds go to the scholarship fund.  I paid $10 for 15 plants.  Their full plant sale this this next week and I'm hoping to get a few annuals for the flower beds.

* Our daughter had 3 softball games this week.  We used those for entertainment this week.

* My parents bought us groceries this week - thanks so much Mom and Dad!

* I hung a birthday banner that we already had and decorated the house with flowers from the garden and a bunch of beautiful orange tulips that my Dad bought.   We wrapped gifts in wrapping paper or gift bags we already owned.

* My husband had Synod Assembly this week and he was compensated for mileage and the Synod paid his registration fees.  Once he has a congregation, these will be covered by the congregation.  He enjoyed several delicious meals while there.

* We played catch in the back yard several nights this week.

* We had beautiful weather so we did a ton of yard work this week.  My flower beds are ready for new perennials and the few annuals I purchase and my vegetable plot and pots are all ready for plants now!

What did you do this week that was frugal?


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