Frugal Friday - Holy Week 2016 Edition!

No photos this week - we've been so busy and I'm going to write this quickly before heading off to bed.  I do realize I owe you gift photos - never fear, they're coming! 

Being in Ministry, Holy Week (Palm Sunday though Easter) is always super busy - more than Christmas even!  Top that off with me pushing a bit too hard and having a major shingles attack on Thursday morning, us receiving about 8 inches of really wet snow on Wednesday afternoon/evening, and all of us just being tired this week, and I am again way behind on things.  Fortunately, I had planned on getting nothing for work done this week so I'll be okay come next week no matter what I did or didn't get done this week.   The children and I have been on Spring Break this week - YAY! - so we were able to take it easy and do some fun things too.

Here's some things we did this week that I think count as "frugal":

* Enjoyed brunch at church on Palm Sunday.

* Ate at home all other meals except one.  Made biscuits, bread, soft pretzels, soup and pancakes at home this week. My daughter made dinner all by herself one night this week too!

* Did a LOT of cleaning out and took a load of items to the thrift store.  Received thrift store credit in return.  I swear my son's t-shirts multiply in the drawer. Just sayin'. 

* Mended two shirts, a vest, a pair of pants and a winter coat.

* Sewed a new table cloth for my kitchen/dining table (we have an eat-in kitchen and no dining room) using fabric I already owned.

* Finished a cross-stitching project I had that was partially finished for quite some time.  It was really nice to cross that off my to-do list!  Two more almost finished projects to get done and I can start on a very special gift I need to work on.

* Used our Minnesota Historical Society Membership to visit the Museum for free one day this week.  The kids had a blast!  We ate lunch at the café there as a treat - locally sourced food that wasn't any more expensive than eating at a fast food place.

* Decorated the house for Holy Week using things we already owned.  Sewed a small set of new decorations using things I already owned (hoping to post photos next week!).

* Treated my shingles with an acupuncture appointment ($30 co-pay), a tennis ball and Advil, both of which I already owned.  Lots of rest and hot showers also help.

* Read several books that we already owned or that the children had brought home from school.

* Watched movies we already owned or were free online.

* We played two games we already owned, one we love and play often, and another we received for Christmas but have only played once before.  My son also made a board game from cardboard packaging, modeling clay and the dice we already own.  That was fun too!

* Did some pretty deep spring cleaning this week using vinegar water and Murphy's Oil Soap, water, rags and an old toothbrush.  My house is sparkling but I think this was part of what pushed me over the edge with the shingles.

* Polished three pairs of leather shoes - two for me and one for my daughter - and sprayed them with water repellant to prolong their life. 

I think that's it for this week.  Hoping that I'm rested up enough that I can get back to a more regular blogging schedule. 

What frugal things did you do this week?


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