John's Birthday

John had another birthday this last weekend and we were so blessed to celebrate three times!  First, with his family last week, second with a small special dinner just the four of us on his actual birthday and then a date for the two of us and then our "traditional" birthday dinner here at home on Sunday.

Missy has been all about homemade decorations this year and he did a whole bunch of decorating with the help of their babysitter while we were on our date.

I don't have any photos from our date, but I'll leave you with some photos of our "traditional" birthday dinner and some of the decorations that Missy made.

A few years ago John asked for a crab leg dinner as his birthday present.  Since crab legs are typically on sale for New Years, it works out well!  We had a local grocery store (it's a high-end one we rarely shop at) that had a buy one pound, get one free sale and we bought this whole plateful with our Birthday fund as one of John's birthday gifts.  We bought John a new clerical shirt - this one in light gray - for his present. He received a really nice travel mug, a new water bottle, a t-shirt and lots of small packages of peanuts from his family for his birthday.  And my parents got him some new and needed items his computer.

Missy hung balloons and streamers in the doorway from the back entry to the kitchen.  Fun!  We had the streamers and balloons from previous parties so she just had to blow them up and hang them.

And she made this sign using computer paper, markers and clear tape and hung it between the cabinets. She also hung balloons and streamers on the cabinets themselves and made the bathroom door look like a candy cane with the words "Happy Birthday" written on it. (We have a huge reusable birthday banner we bought several years ago but where we usually hang it has Christmas decorations still.  So, this was Missy's solution!)
How do you celebrate birthdays at your house?


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