Monday, December 16, 2013

Goals - Week of December 15, 2013

It's a busy week heading into the last little bit a Advent for us.  The kids have their last week of school before break this week, we had the Church Christmas Program and the Fall Piano Recital this Sunday already and we have the school Christmas Concert this week too.  Whew!   John has a final to finish and I have grading coming out of my ears that needs to be done ASAP.   With my folks coming we also have some deeper than normal house cleaning to do and we need to bring 4-dozen bars or cookies to the concert this week.

I'm trying to keep it simple - some days that works better than others!

Here's my goals list for the week:

* Grading
* Proposal

* Email Advisor again
* Proposal (final draft)

* Teach two classes
* Learn two new routines
* Review new routines DVD

* Piano Recital
* Piano Lessons
* Pick up my parents from the Airport
* School Christmas Program
* Dance Lessons
* Swimming Lessons
* Attend a play followed by dinner out (we paid for the play tickets, my parents pay for dinner as part of our Christmas present to each other)

* Deep clean the bathrooms
* Get the guest room ready for company
* Have the furnace serviced
* Get the rest of the Christmas Decorations up
* Have the children tidy their rooms
* Catch up the ironing

* Church Christmas Program
* Send a note to a friend who had hip surgery
* Finalize John's preaching schedule for January and February

What are you up to this week?  Visit Money Saving Mom for inspiration and to share!

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