These are a Few of My Favorite Things - Little Things

So many days feel so hard right now - between the multiple directions we're being pulled with school, work, activities, and all the church "stuff' going on, and my anxiety and living with two chronic illnesses, it is so easy to get bogged down in all that isn't going right.
I have been working extra hard to enjoy the blessings - we have SO MANY!
Here are some of the little things from the last two months:
Zucchini bread in the freezer.
Finding a recipe for chocolate-chocolate chip zucchini bread - super yummy!
Yummy treats at the churches we've been at. Including a really yummy egg salad - and I don't normally like egg salad.
This wonderful loaf of zucchini-nut bread from an elderly couple at one of the churches John preached at - their son-in-law is a pastor in another part of the state.  I love the blue bow!
Stories, prayers and encouragement from the folks at the churches we get the privilege of worshiping and leading worship at.
How the Holy Spirit speaks so clearly some times.
Having to take the time to listen to the Holy Spirit.
Learning the rudiments of sign language - one of the churches we have been at regularly has a sign language interpreters at everything!
The beauty of God's creation.
My giant zinnias.
John buying me beautiful anniversary flowers that lasted for weeks!

The tail end of my anniversary bouquet tucked into a teapot that Missy and I painted together a couple of years ago.
 Tea parties with my girl.
Snuggling up and reading books together.
The children laughing and playing in the back yard - and coming in smelling like sunshine and grass.

Buddy hijacking my iPod and taking photos like this - one of our pumpkins, just starting to turn.

This photo, also taken by Buddy, of a fish pond where we met my cousin Diane and her husband Bo for a wonderful lunch and visit.
Time spent with my parents - we've missed that so much this last year and a half.
My Dad being in remission from cancer.
My Mom's broken wrist (did I tell you about that?) healing very well.
Time to have lunch with my cousin.
Third grade going well - I love hearing them talk about their days!
Reading, reading and more reading!
Finally getting the children's rooms shaped up again - this seemed to take forever this year!

Giant Lego Sculptures!  The perk of living in the Twin Cities is that you can occasionally go to the Mall of America and see the Giant Lego sculptures (is that what they're called) at the Lego store.  It's fun to just go look and see what they have!
Going to the Mall of America and wondering "Why in the world am I here?" and realizing that I really don't need anything that they are selling!  Nor do I like being there - waaayyy to many people and waaayyyy too crowded for my taste!
Feeling abundantly blessed with what we have - and freely giving away some of our excess.
Finding the perfect recipient for a pair of bright yellow goulashes that we had for Buddy when he was a preschooler.  Our friend's little boy fits them to a T!
Getting caught up to current on my grading! (This is always a battle.)
Having everything we need and more than a little of what we want.
How very blessed we are!
Soli Deo Gloria.


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