These are a Few of My Favorite Things - My Garden

I think every single spring since I started this Blog I have written about my garden. I love my garden!  My little piece of green where I can potter about, dig in the dirt and enjoy God's creation.  Occasionally I foolishly think that I get to help Him along - well, at least in terms of what goes where - but we all know Who is really in charge!

I potter about, weed, dig, grumble, smile, water, dig some more and marvel at what happens without my help!

When we bought our house we had a tiny patio between the house and the garage and a whole lot of white rock in the two recognizable flower beds.  We moved into our home in the fall and wondered how much work we'd have to do in the spring to make the  yard "presentable".

Spring came and, low and behold!  The scraggly bushes in the back yard were lilacs - two whites and a purple, and there were scrubby lilies behind the garage - buried under piles of trash and old trash bags filled with leaves.  I gleaned some more lilies and some peonies as well as hostas and giant irises from family, friends and neighbors and dug in some flower beds.

The first summer we were in our house my Mom dug out four dead bush stumps and moved more of that white rock out of the flower bed along the back of that house than you can possibly imagine would be there. We got more flowers from my family members - heirloom peonies, rhubarb, and Asian lilies.

Over the years our beds have changed, the needs of our family have changed, we added two children and our neighbors cut down a big tree that was shading part of our yard.

Every single year I enjoy my time digging in the dirt and waiting for each bud to open, lamenting over the plants that don't "make it" and curse the creeping Charley that tries every year to take over my back flower beds.

Spring was late this year. Very late.  And we actually lost some grass this year because of that too. The lilacs weren't as robust as they could have been, my rhododendron had the blossoms knocked off of it that day I took pictures by a very heavy rain/sleet/hail combination, and my bleeding heart is only about 1/4 the size it was last year.  However, we do have plants, flowers and veggies in abundance!

My rhododendron this spring.

One of my dwarf irises

Another of my dwarf irises.
My giant irises are just starting to bloom and my peonies won't be far behind followed by the Asian lilies.  I added some cutting flowers this year so I hope to have cut flowers in the house all summer - we'll see how well I do!  I'm eagerly awaiting veggies from the garden and our CSA and we'll enjoy meals on our patio whenever the weather allows it.

I love watching John and the children work side-by-side in the garden.  We've been edging beds lately and they have been such a good help!   There is what seems like a permanent dirt ring around the bathtub and John has big black marks on the knees of his "work" jeans.  I love every bit of it!

Truly, I am so very blessed.
And truly, my garden is one of my very favorite things.


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