These are a Few of My Favorite Things - What I Learned On My Summer "Vacation"

Even though our summer was more hectic that I would have liked it to be, I learned a lot.

Would you like to know what I've learned?

That we have a frog living in our front flower bed.
He's right in the middle - hiding in the curve of the clematis.
I learned that Buddy really does like to take pictures of just about everything!
Bakugan cards and a new stuffed leopard from Grandma and Grandpa.
I learned how to make French Bread - YUM!
Isn't it lovely?
 That Komodo Dragons are really odd looking little (BIG!) critters.  I think it's safe to say that God as a mighty fine sense of humor!
Saying hello!
That we had a dinosaur excavation going on in my son's bedroom.
Dinosaur excavation kit was a Christmas present.
That this has to be buried treasure!
A partially buried rock.
That I absolutely love canal park in downtown Duluth!
From left to right: Missy, my cousin Diane, Buddy and John.  And I have no idea why they were all wearing bright green shirts! LOL!
That you can get really close to a deer in a Minnesota State Park before they run away from you.
This dear was only about 50 feet from us at one point believe it or not!
That pizza can be made in a Dutch Oven.
Our veggie pizza - we left it in a little long so the bottom got burnt.  :(
That I love these three people more than I ever thought possible!
Walking along the river at the State Park.
That mixing different flavors of ICEE not only creates pretty nifty patterns but it can taste good too!
Lime, grape and cherry.
That Kale Chips are easy to make and yummy to eat (though they taste kind of like seaweed, in my opinion).
My third batch this summer.
That sometimes it's okay to just lay in the sun and enjoy life for a bit!
Two turtles on a log - check out the back one's legs sticking straight back! Too funny!
That even camels like to cool off on a hot day.
I am not so sure about that green water though - yuck!
That the St. Croix River is full of treasure!
Left to right: An "arrow head", a "tooth", a "leg bone" and a "large diamond."  LOL!
That Eggplant Parmesan can be really, really yummy!
My first attempt at making it - John ate 2/3 of this in one setting.  He thought it was that good!

What did you learn on your summer vacation?

Truly, I am so very blessed!
Soli Deo Gloria.


  1. I wonder if they took part in a summer play/theater group (the family members wearing green shirts)? I am actually near Duluth and have friends that I bumped into wearing that same color of shirt and that's where theirs came from.


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