Kid Funny

We have heirloom yellow pear tomatoes this year that are for some reason going gangbusters.  No complaints - we love that!
Buddy is the designated person for the tomatoes. He LOVES tomatoes.  Did I say LOVES?  Adores. Is passionate about beyond words. And has a huge devotion to. 

He once ate a half-bushel of tomatoes all by himself. In one sitting.

Yes, really. 

And he was happy as a clam.

Since he was two he has called them "My 'Matoes."  And don't you dare mess with his 'matoes!
He came in the other day and says with the most serious look on his little face:

"Mom, I have to tell you something."

I thought, "oh, no what now!"  "Yes," I said.

"It's about the tomatoes." 

I thought, "O no, what happened."  And immediately thought of all the wild, awful, crazy things that could have happened to the tomato plants.

With the same serious look on his face, he says:

"I accidentally had to eat them."

Gotta love it.  (And can I just tell you how hard it was not to laugh.)
What more can I ask for?


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