Healthy Habits in 2011 - 14 1/2 Inches Down!

The last couple of weeks haven't been so hot for working out. 

I pinched a nerve in my neck 2 week ago and last week only got in 2 workouts instead of 4. 
This week I have a colossal sinus infection, so I missed my weekend class since I was running a fever. 
Today I missed most of class since I did something to my ankle and it hurt to put any weight on it (I did do the arm and abdomen parts though and then went for a walk later today with my family when my ankle was feeling better). That means, unless I drag myself to class at 730am on Saturday, I'll have worked out once this week.  *Sigh* 

The good news?  I had to measure myself in order to cut out my Easter dress.

Here's what I found:

Waist: 3 inches down!
Hips: 6 inches down!
Left Thigh: 3 inches down!Right Thigh: 2 1/2 inches down!

That's a grand total of 14 1/2 inches down!  Whoo hoo!

I am so psyched about all of that! 
Who cares of the scale says only 5 lbs down (which I've managed to stay at in spite of eating like a horse over the weekend)?  

When I've lost that many inches the scale can say whatever it likes!  :)

What more can I ask for?


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