Frugal Saturday - Mid-March

Our "King Cake" - Uncut Cinnamon Rolls - for Fat Tuesday!

I've been trying to keep up with everything around here, so I've been spending less time online - thus the quiet here. My apologies. We hit mid-terms at school and I've had the worst head cold and we've been working on projects around the house... well, Internet time just has just been the things that dropped.  You all know how it goes.

In between all that, here's some of the frugal things we've been doing this last week:

* We made stew, soup, cornbread (twice), and waffles (I made extra for the freezer) this week.

* The children were on spring break and we either stayed home (John's day off work, the days I didn't teach class) or the children went to work with John and played in the youth room or on the lawn behind the church.  No childcare needed!
* The children attended a babysitting class through our local school district.  They received CPR and first aid training as well as basic child rearing and other skills.  They received a certificate and are now eligible to babysit in our county or the neighboring counties.  We did pay a fee for this, but it was nominal for an entire day of useful instruction.

* I spent quite a bit of time sleeping and doing quiet activities to recover from my head cold. 

* John attended three events for our church Synod and received lunch or dinner at all of them.

* I attended an evening event for work and was fed dinner while I there and got to visit with some colleagues I hadn't seen in quite a while.

* We froze leftover stew, soup and overripe bananas for later use.

* We inventoried the pantry and updated the freezer inventory and put together a menu all the way through May.

* John brought home a leftover loaf of French bread from the church dinner on Wednesday night and some leftover donuts from Sunday morning.

* Since the children were home this week, did a lot of cleaning out, scrubbing, and rearranging in their rooms this week. 

* I also spent quite a bit of time cleaning out files and the like - we, like many, have way, way, wayyyyy too much paper around and I was really pleased that we made some really good headway on getting through the excess in spite of feeling awful most of the week!  I filled up our shredding box and our recycle bin and have more to add for next week's pickup too. 

I think that's about it for this week. How about you?  What have you done that's been frugal lately?


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