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Gift #1 2017: Teacher Christmas Gifts
This was our teacher gifts for 2017 at Christmastime.   Our children are in Middle School now (6th grade), so they have a lot of teachers!   This year, it's as follows:
Homeroom/Language Arts
Science/Industrial Arts
Math/Faith Formation
Physical Education/Computers
General Music/Choir
Before/After Care
3 confirmation guides 
If you're counting that's 10 teachers!   That's a lot of gifts!   We had a budget of $20 for all these gifts.  So here's what we gave:
A mug, cocoa mix, peppermint stirring sticks, and a Christmas tree ornament. 
We made the ornaments using Popsicle sticks, ribbon, pompoms, glue and embroidery floss that we had.  We also made the cocoa mix from items we had in the pantry and I packaged them in freezer canning jars that I've had for years but haven't used.  I used stick-on name tags to write ingredient labels that were then stuck on the jars. 
We purchased the mugs at a local dollar store for $1 per mug and the peppermint sticks at the grocery store for 50-cents/package.  That means each gift cost $1.50.   We did include a note asking that they pass on the cocoa mix if they can't use it.  So far, we've only received only kind comments about the gifts.  
For our children's homeroom teacher, we included a blank journal, thank you notes and some homemade cookies that we already owned.  Our children spend a lot of time in her classroom, so we wanted to say an extra thank you.
Total cost: $15 for 10 gifts.
What did you make this past Christmas season?  


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