Goals for January 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

It's a whole new year.  I always enjoy the refocusing that a new year brings and all the reflection that come with that.  I feel pretty spoiled since I get that twice a year - once in January with the new year and once in August/September when the school year kicks off.

I've been perusing the seed and plant catalogues, hence the photo above.  I have so many plans.  To that end, I've made up a pretty detailed to-do list for each month of the year.  These will fill in more as the year goes on but for now I'm quite happy with what I have come up with. 

I have some "extra" time this month since I don't go back to class until halfway through the month and I am taking this first week completely off from work.  My goals for this week include exercise, finishing a couple of house projects, rest, and some things like sewing and other creative things.  I have no delusions about how much I can get done during that week so many of the things on my list are small things - the gifts I'm making should all take an hour or less each to make, the house projects I'm hoping to get done will not take much time, and I'm hoping that I can get some extra sleep via naps in there too.  Once classes start, I'm hoping to be able to spend at least a bit of time each week on these things.  I am teaching less this semester than I have for a while so I'm hoping to make use of that time both to complete some things and to rest and heal my body from all the stressors we've been under for the last two years.

With that preface, here are my January goals for 2017:

* Clean up my desk at work
* Do the shredding at work
* Clean out and organize my notebooks for both of my classes
* Be completely ready for classes to start
* Redo a section of my T/Th class curriculum
* Meet with a research colleague
* Put together a Power Point presentation

* Celebrate John's Birthday
* Make two gifts for John for his Birthday
* Visit my in-laws
* Volunteer at the children's school
* Date out with my husband
* Attend an appointment with my husband
* Meet my cousin and her husband for lunch

* Learn 12 new routines
* Attend/teach at least 16 classes
* Paperwork

* Clean out and reorganize the furnace room
* Finish the wall painting in our bedroom (just a small finish work to do)
* Patch, prime and paint repairs in the kitchen
* Have the piano tuned
* Order seeds/plants for the yard
* Go through all clothes - donate what we don't need, write a list of what we need to buy

* Lap quilt for Auntie Kay
* Graduation Quilt (start this so it's done for May/June)
* Finish sewing at least 8 birthday gifts for later in the year
* Sew a baby quilt for my sister-in-law (we're getting a new nephew or niece this summer!)
* Finish an Anniversary gift for my parents
* Finish the embroidery on The Big Project
* Make at least three other gifts

That should be more than plenty!

What are your goals for this month or this week or this year?


  1. If I can accomplish two goals this year I'll be pretty happy. My husband will be thrilled too, as I drive him crazy with these things! :-)
    1. Better sleep habits, I'm a night owl & will very often stay up all night & sleep way too late into the day. I'd really like to improve on that.
    2. I have an eBay store that I've been not devoting enough time too lately. There is way too much inventory sitting unlisted in the house.

    1. Best wishes with your goals, Rhonda! Sleep habits are a tricky thing - we have two night owls and two larks. It's always entertaining!

      Happy New Year,


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