Super Savings - October's Beginning!

I can't believe October is here already!   Where did September go?  We dug out some of the fall decorations this week and dug out some of the dead veggies in the garden.  The nights are getting cooler and the leaves are starting to turn. 
I guess that means it's officially fall. 
We've had rain, rain and more rain lately.  I went to pick the Rose Hips and most were moldy or rotten so I scrapped that plan.  May be next year.  I'm starting to feel like we need a boat or something with all the rain we've been having.  The perk?  Beautiful skies like this one:
The down side?  Hail!  We've had hail twice now.  This is a photo from the first round, about a week and a half ago.  Sigh. 

All that said, the weather we had this weekend was beautiful!   Couldn't ask for better weather.  Middle temperatures, nice light breeze, plenty of sunshine - just perfect! 

Here's our frugal and not-so frugal week:

* Returned some items that didn't fit and exchanged them for ones that did.

* Had our oven repaired.  It went out last week and we opted to have it repaired rather than buying anew one - under $200, including the repairman's time,  for an oven that works better than it has in years!

* Made homemade pizza, pancakes, and chili this week. 

* Picked tomatoes, green beans and acorn squash from the garden this week.

* Moved John into his new office at work this week - he has a great space and a beautiful, well laid out church to work at. 

* John started his new Call this week.  The congregation is so excited to have us and we're excited to be there!

* We enjoyed the treats at worship services both last Sunday and today.

* We finished making and mailing Ordination invites this week using things we had and two sheets of printed craft paper I bought for about $1.   Since we had most things on hand we only needed to buy the paper and buy stamps.  I was really happy to use up some of the things we've had for a while.

* I cut flowers from the yard for the kitchen table. 

* We used decorations we already have to start decorating for fall.  We'll do more this week.

* I taught two extra Jazzercise classes and was paid extra for those.

* I did some sewing this week, finishing a couple things that I've been working on for a while.  That makes me feel good.

* We picked up books and videos at the library and watched a few videos online.

* We enjoyed the children's school Fun Run fundraiser.  We ran or walked the 5K, played games and ate treats.  The best part? Talking to all our friends!   We had a blast, the school raised a ton of money and we didn't have to sell anything!

What did you do this week that was frugal?


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