Frugal Friday - There's a cross in my tomato....

How's that for a surprise when I cut open a tomato from our garden this week?   I had to take a photo, since it was so unusual.   Even our children commented on how unusual it was. 

It's been another busy week around here.  John starts his new position next week and I'm really excited to start a new routine.  There have been several viruses going around at work and I've been trying to make sure I get enough sleep and exercise and eat well.  So far so good!  I'm hoping it continues!

I feel like this week was a week of a lot of doing rather than much of anything else. Our grocery shop last week was quite a bit higher than I would have liked so this week we're hoping to keep it low again.  I feel like we didn't do much this week but I'm not so sure.

Here are some of the things we did this week that we "frugal":

* Ate one meal at church for the Capital Campaign kickoff and brought home several small bags of leftover crackers.  The meal was delicious!

* We picked lots of veggies from the garden this week - including strawberries!  I can't believe our strawberry plants are still producing!   I'll take it!

* We finished the current round of painting in our house and rehung all the decorations, rearranging some things.
* Made soft pretzels and waffles from scratch at home this week.
* We ate all but that one meal at home or brown-bagged meals.
* Scrubbed the kitchen cabinets and walls in preparation for painting last this next week.
* Went to bed early several nights this week so that I stayed healthy. 
* Returned two pairs of slacks that didn't fit my son.  Received store credit for the slacks which we'll use to buy something else later.
* Picked some more of my dwindling flowers to decorate the kitchen table.
* Dug out the fall decorations we already owned and started decorating the house for fall.   Our daughter wants to make a few more decorations too so we'll do that this next week. 
What did you do this week that might count as frugal?


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