Goals Update - Mid-August 2016

A rather blurry picture of my silver candle holder, filled with zinnias and pincushions from my garden.  I picked this up a few years ago at a garage sale for $5.  It's beautiful!

I think I'm making progress.  I feel like things are moving SLOWLY right now.  The weather is beautiful, the garden is going crazy (both veggies and flowers) and we have had several unexpected things rolling around in the background, some of which are really exciting.  It's been busy but this list hasn't gotten too much crossed off.  Still, I'm happy with what's been going on.

* Prep Unit 1 & 2 for both of my fall classes (one class is done and the other half done)
* Finish research summary

Work things are going along slowly right now since I'm trying to keep up with the yard and garden and get the children ready for the start of school.  We've had so much rain that the weeds are crazy and the tomatoes are going gangbusters (I had no idea clover could grow that big!).  Making progress - just  more slowly that I'd like.

* Read 2-3 books aloud to the children I've read two so far.
* Attend two meeting with John (for his call process)
* Attend one more meeting with John  (This is scheduled for next week.)
* Host a birthday party for our daughter (her birthday was in May but she wanted her party in July)
* Host a birthday party for our son Our son decided that he wanted to go to a movie with Dad and one friend rather than have a birthday party so that's what we did! Better yet - the movie he wanted to see was at the bargain theater so it was a relatively inexpensive day for John, Buddy and his friend.
* Play 4 board games with the children
* One date out with John
* Visit three free or nearly free events/museums/locations with the children We went to the Minnesota Zoo (we have a membership), the Minnesota History Center, and the Minneapolis Museum of Art.
* Complete the one project I promised my Dad I would do for the family tree work he's doing
* One more family tree project that I want to do

* Clean out and reorganize both children's bedrooms
* Wash the children's curtains
* Clean out and reorganize the family room
* Scrub the kitchen cabinets
* Prime and paint the stairwell
* Prime and paint the kitchen, living room and hallway (these are all open to each other)

John and I are planning on doing the painting next week when John has some time off.  I'm excited about the adult help and we're planning on finally pulling up our icky upstairs carpet after we're done.

* Keep up with the weeding - spend 20-30minute/day 3-4x per week weeding and deadheading  This is ongoing too but I've been keeping up pretty well so far.
* Transplant peonies and some irises
* Pick produce and process it as necessary  This is ongoing....
* Reseed the east side yard - this is a high shade area and definitely needs it  We've scheduled this for Thursday this week since we're supposed to have lovely weather this weekend.
* Can tomato sauce and pickled beets  I actually froze the tomato sauce rather than canning it but I did can the pickled beets.

* Start the 2016 photo albums for my children  (I sorted materials but haven't done any work on these yet.)
* Hem a pair of slacks for me
* Sew myself a skirt
* Finish our niece's Graduation gift Finally finished this and I'm hoping to take photos and get it in the mail this week since she's starting school the week after!
* Finish at least two other gifts  Hoping to get photos of these up this week!

* Acupuncture x2
* Get to bed on time
* Read two books for fun
* Get my hair trimmed  (Scheduled for next week.)
* Paint my toenails x 2
* Acupuncture again (This is scheduled for this Thursday)
* Paint my toenails again

What have you been up to lately?


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