Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Goals for the Rest of Summer 2016

Some of my beautiful flowers: zinnias and cosmos. 

Since I've been so bad about posting my goals for July, the italic goals below are from July and the non-italic goals are new ones added for August.  With the unplanned break that I took, I haven't gotten as much done as I would have liked but I think I'm healthier, which is a good thing! 

Here we go:

* Prep Unit 1 & 2 for both of my fall classes (one class is done and the other half done)
* Finish research summary

* Read 2-3 books aloud to the children  (I've read 1 and started another)
* Attend two meeting with John (for his call process)
* Attend one more meeting with John
* Host a birthday party for our daughter (her birthday was in May but she wanted her party in July)
* Host a birthday party for our son
* Play 4 board games with the children
* One date out with John
* Visit three free or nearly free events/museums/locations with the children We went to the Minnesota Zoo (we have a membership), the Minnesota History Center, and the Minneapolis Museum of Art.
* Complete the one project I promised my Dad I would do for the family tree work he's doing
* One more family tree project that I want to do

* Clean out and reorganize both children's bedrooms
* Wash the children's curtains
* Clean out and reorganize the family room
* Scrub the kitchen cabinets
* Prime and paint the stairwell
* Prime and paint the kitchen, living room and hallway (these are all open to each other)

* Keep up with the weeding - spend 20-30minute/day 3-4x per week weeding and deadheading  This is ongoing too but I've been keeping up pretty well so far.
* Transplant peonies and some irises
* Pick produce and process it as necessary  This is ongoing....
* Reseed the east side yard - this is a high shade area and definitely needs it  We've had a ton of rain and so this got pushed off because we have to deal with some soil issues before we can seed.
* Can tomato sauce and pickled beets

* Start the 2016 photo albums for my children  (I sorted materials but haven't done any work on these yet.)
* Hem a pair of slacks for me
* Sew myself a skirt
* Finish our niece's Graduation gift I'm almost done with this! Yay!  And I'm really pleased with how it's turning out.
* Finish at least two other gifts  I have started another one and a second is laid out for when the other two are done. 

* Acupuncture x2
* Get to bed on time
* Read two books for fun
* Get my hair trimmed
* Paint my toenails x 2
* Acupuncture again
* Paint my toenails again

It looks like a busy August - I'm okay with that.  I am going to go with "slow and steady wins the race" here.  I'm sick of being exhausted all the time and I need to take care of myself and my family and that's my primary goal for the rest of summer.

What are you up to this August?

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