Saturday, August 27, 2016

Frugal Friday - The past week

A rather blurry photo my daughter took of "Butterbeer" (the label reads Butterscotch Beer).  A favorite treat in the Harry Potter universe, the children saw this at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store this last week and decided they needed to try it.  It's basically butter-scotch flavored cream soda.  The kids thought it was great!
We had a pretty slow week this week - I am grateful.  I had some very strange things happen with my body this week and now the doctors are thinking that some of the symptoms that we've been attributing to my PHN may be a slipped disk in my back or something like that instead.  *Sigh*  It's been a wearying week in that way and I haven't had much energy for anything that wasn't absolutely necessary.   I'm going in this next week for tests (MRI, etc.) so hopefully we can get to the bottom of things fairly quickly.   I'm so very tired of being in pain all the time!

I did get the rest of my school/work related things done, which is good because school is starting fairly soon (we start after Labor Day here in Minnesota) and I really hate starting the year without being ahead. 

Here are some of the frugal things we've done this week:

* Blanched and froze green beans again.

* Ate most meals at home. We had two potlucks to attend this week - we brought a roasted veggie casserole to one and shredded cheese to another (that one we signed up for something on the list to bring).  I also ate one meal at a work event.

* We took the kids to Minnesota's Largest Candy Store.  We gave them each a set amount they could spend and we all stayed within our allotted budget, including two presents.  While there we stocked up on popcorn and taffy.  Yum!

* We picked tomatoes, red sweet peppers, green beans and a single pie pumpkin from the garden this week. 

* We watched several movies online and three we had checked out from the library.

* Picked flowers for the kitchen table from the garden.

* Used a citronella candle we already owned to keep the bugs at bay while eating dinner outside in the beautiful weather we had this week.

* Read several books we already had on hand. 

* Went through several items we had in the bedroom that I wasn't sure we needed.  Most we donated and the rest we found new locations keep them within the house.

* I used a heating pad, ibuprofen and a tennis ball to treat the pain I have bee having.

I think that's it for this week.  How did your week go?

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