Menu Plan Monday - Week of July 10, 2016

My girlie picking raspberries this weekend.  She's getting so tall and grown up!

We have a week with lots of little things - I'm giving some perennials that are ready to be split to a friend, I have a doctor's appointment, and we have several church events this week.  Most of the day time will be spent at home and I'm happy to not have the daily drive in to work right now.  A slower pace is a welcome change for a while. 
Other things on the to-do list are to start getting ready for our Daughter's birthday party in two weeks and to get some much-needed housecleaning done. I'm also hoping to get the weeding caught up after all the rain we had last week and finish our niece's graduation gift.  If I have time I'd like to do some other sewing too.  We'll see.  I'm hoping for a few hours of physical/mental work each day with leisure reading and creative items scattered throughout. 
Here's what we're eating this week:
Sunday, July 10:
   Breakfast: Banana-Blueberry Smoothies
   Lunch: Baked Eggs, Bacon, Raspberry Coffee Cake Muffins
   Snack: Soft Pretzels
   Dinner: Cashew Chicken, Rice, Cantaloupe
Monday, July 11:
    Breakfast:  Scrambled Eggs, Toast
    Lunch: Chicken Noodle Soup, Bread with Butter
    Snack: No Bake Energy Bites
    Dinner: Chicken Pot Pie, Tossed Salad, Cantaloupe
Tuesday, July 12:
    Breakfast: Waffles with Bananas and Almonds
    Lunch:  Macaroni and Cheese, Apples
    Snack: Yogurt
    Dinner: Maple Roasted Cabbage, Lemon-Butter Kohlrabi, Noodles with Butter, Cantaloupe-Raspberry-Blueberry Salad
Wednesday, July 13:
    Breakfast: Oatmeal Muffins, Bananas
    Lunch: Ham Sandwiches, Apples, Cut Veggies
    Snack: No Bake Energy Bites
    Dinner: At a Church Potluck: Bring Homemade Cole Slaw
Thursday, July 14:
    Breakfast: Raspberry-Lemon Scones 
    Lunch: Fried Egg Sandwiches, Leftover Cole Slaw
    Snack: Yogurt
    Dinner: Steak and Veggie Stir Fry, Rice, Apple-Cantaloupe-Raspberry Salad
Friday, July 15:
    Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Diced Potatoes
    Lunch: Salad with Tuna
    Snack: No Bake Energy Bites
    Dinner: Homemade Pizza and Breadsticks
Saturday, July 16:
    Breakfast: Cinnamon Breakfast Biscuits
    Lunch: Salad with Chicken and Strawberries
    Snack: Popcorn
    Dinner: Zucchini-Potato Cakes with Marinara Sauce, Spinach-Bacon Quiche
What are you eating this week?


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