Frugal Friday - The Last Two Weeks

These last two weeks have flown by for a variety of reasons and I'm absolutely shocked that August starts next week!   Where on earth did summer go?  

We are still waiting for First Call and enjoying some extra time together.  I'm really enjoying the warmer weather and the time in my garden.   We're still trying to watch pennies and dollars and figure out how to make it through this period of waiting.  We've had plenty of rain so the garden is doing well (and so are the weeds!).

Here's what we've done the last two weeks that count as frugal:

* Pitted and froze sour cherries.

* Sliced and froze bananas.

* Attended a free outdoor concert at a local establishment.  The music was fantastic!

* Brought home a package of hamburger buns and several cooked hamburger patties leftover from a church dinner.

* Friends gave us extra zucchini from their garden.  I didn't plant any this year since we usually get plenty through our CSA.  I shredded and froze the extra to use in cooking later this year.

* Our daughter celebrated her birthday party with homemade games and decorations.  I also made cupcakes for the party.  We didn't have very many party guests - many were out of town on family vacations - but everyone had a great time.  We collected food for the food shelf instead of gifts, though everyone brought something little for our daughter; including a really nice homemade painting of a seal, her favorite animal. 

*  Used the failed first cake from our daughter's birthday party to make a dessert to take to a church potluck - it turned out delicious.

* Taught two extra Jazzercise classes this week and made some extra money and got plenty of exercise!

* Picked flowers for the kitchen table from our yard.

* Picked lots of tomatoes, green beans, and lettuce.

* Blanched and froze green beans for eating later this winter.

* A friend gave us two garbage bags full of clothes - many items for our son, a pullover for our daughter, a pair of shorts for my husband and a few items for me as well.   My mother made new fleece pullovers for our children and those arrived in the mail this week as well.

* I spent just under $10 for blouse, a pair of pants and a necklace and earring set from my favorite consignment store.  I needed a couple of new things for work this fall - particularly pants.

* We returned several library books and picked up a few more plus a couple of videos and an audio book.

* We watched a couple of free videos online this week. 

* My husband and I had an at-home date night with a backyard bonfire and lots of talking and dreaming. 

What did you do these last few weeks that count as frugal? 


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