Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Goals Update - Mid-June 2016

I'm a bit slow in uploading my photos from my iPod - I really don't want to mess with cables and all that jazz right now, so you get another version of the flowers you've already seen!   This month is just speeding by.  It's hard to believe that we're this far in already.
Here's an update on my June 2016 Goals so far this month:

1.  Keep up with all the work needed for teaching my summer class.  This is a LOT of work and I need to be really intentional about it or I'll fall really behind.  This has taken up most of my time but I haven't fallen behind at all yet! YAY!

2. Attend at least 15 Jazzercise classes this month.  I need to push myself a bit.  This one has been a colossal failure so far.  I have only attended 4 classes so far this month - my shingles pain has been really making things difficult so far this month.

3. Learn 18 new Jazzercise routines.  I got behind in May so now I need to catch up! I have learned 5 - so this one is going well!

4. Weed at least one area of the gardens each week.  My Mom and I did a super job of cleaning these out initially in the spring so it *should* just be maintenance.  With the rain we've been having, it might be harder than that. We'll see.  So far we've done the front beds, the bed around the patio and the vegetable plots again.

5. Pick any produce that is ready to be picked.  This month I'm expecting basil, lavender, lettuce, kale, strawberries, and maybe peppers, peas and beans.  I planted 12 bean seeds thinking they wouldn't all come up, but they all did.  I might be swimming in beans this year!  Only lettuce to harvest so far but I've been diligent with a lot of weeding and a little weeding.

6. Defrost the freezer - we've been having problems with this freezer and we need to figure out what's happening before we fill it with all the delicious stuff from the garden.  Working on cleaning out the over-the-fridge freezer so we can move what we have in the deep freezer so we can defrost it and get it checked out.

7. Sew a skirt for me.  I have materials for several so I need to decide on one and do it!  Something new to wear would be a welcome change.  Decided which one to do but haven't started on it yet.

8.  Mend 8 items in the mending pile.  That thing is just growing on it's own!  Mended 2 items - a torn coat sleeve and a pair of my son's pants with holes in the knees.  I cut off the pants and turned them into shorts and added a patch to the coat sleeve.

9.  Do a huge paper purge with my husband's help.  We haven't gone through the filing cabinet in a few years and it definitely needs it!  Nothing on this one yet.

10.  Make 5 gifts and start THE BIG PROJECT embroidery gift that I want to make as well.  No way will I get that done but I'd like to get it started at least.  I "made" three teacher gifts and am halfway done with a much bigger gift for our niece that just graduated from high school. 

How are your June goals coming along?

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