Frugal Friday - The Week O' Dance!

Our week started with Mother's Day and we've had dance four nights this week - two rehearsals and two recitals.  I feel like I've spent a LOT of time at a theater this week.  I did get a lot of grading done while I waited though, which was good because that's basically all I have left from spring semester at this point!

Our unexpected "guests" this week were "empty shells" my daughter brought home from a pond near a friend's house that turned out to be live snails.  Don't worry though, they have been returned to their home.
We have a quiet weekend here and I'm hoping to get some yard work done and my seedlings planted.  We'll see if the weather holds for that! Either way, I am planning a nap both Saturday and Sunday either way. 

Frugal things this week have been:

* We made ginger cookies, rhubarb crisp, chicken wild rice soup, pancakes, and taco soup from scratch this week. 

* I picked up a free loaf of bread using a punch card from my favorite bakery.

* My parents bought us groceries this week - milk and fruit and a 10lb bag of the $0.49/lb chicken! I haven't seen that price in a really long time!

* I brought a snack for both of my children to eat on the way from school to dance rehearsal this week.  We ate dinner when we got home both nights.

* We went to the dance recitals for entertainment this week.  We did stop for Dairy Queen on the way home from both recitals for ice cream purchased with a gift card.

* I sewed or tightened 3 buttons on my London Fog raincoat.

* I hemmed another pair of pants for my son and took in three shirts for my husband (he's been working out and lost quite a bit of weight recently).

* We cut white and purple lilacs from our yard to decorate the dinner table. The yard smells like lilacs right now.

* We also have yellow and purple irises blooming.  I am really enjoying my spring flowers this year!

* I purchased two plants at the plant sale - a 6-pack of midnight pincushions and a borage plant - for $5.

I am really looking forward to a couple of days off before summer session starts.  My plan is to rest, dig in my garden and maybe do a little sewing.  What have you been up to this week?


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