Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Work, Home and Family - Homemade Gifts Parts 8 and 9

Finally!   I managed to get a couple of photos taken and up here on the blog!  Go me!  Yep - it's been a pair of weeks so far where I'm going to cheer every victory I have, no matter how small.  I'm going to post two projects a week until I get caught up to whatever week we're on so I don't overwhelm myself or you all - a couple of ones that I'm really happy with next week, though I really like these too.

I made these for our very difficult to shop for 11-year-old nephew for his birthday.  I did spell out his whole name but you only get the "T" and "E" here to give you an idea.
I used denim that had been gifted to me by my Aunt when she moved and cut patterns out of typing paper.  After cutting out the fabric, I pinned and sewed the front and back together inside out, leaving an opening to stuff the pillows with batting I already owned. I turned the letters and stuffed them. Then, I hand stitched the opening closed after the stuffing was complete.  I realized afterward that I didn't clip the seams the way I should have (which is why the "E" is a bit crooked) but our nephew loved them anyway!  So all is good!  His older brothers and sisters asked for some too - which is good since I'd planned on making them some as well. 
Cost for me:  $0 since I already had all the supplies on hand.
Cost for you:  Varies.  This is going to depend on the fabric you use and if you make your own pattern or buy one (yep, they have patterns for these).  You could use fabric you own including bedding or clothing that is worn out in certain areas and not in others (use the good parts only!).  You can stuff with old stockings, the insides of a worn out pillow or packing peanuts, if you have them. 


Last time I posted homemade gifts, I mentioned that I had enough of these kits to last until I'm at least, well, very old.  This one I've been working on for a while. 
My husband's sister eloped last year and I finished this for her one-year anniversary this spring.  I only photographed the top of the stitching because it has their names and the date on their bottom half, and this is, after all, a blog, so you don't get to see it in all it's glory.  It was a LOT of stitching and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  Since I finished it last night (finally!) it made today's post. Don't worry, I'll iron it before we frame it so the fold lines won't be there (and it will be washed so the blue marking pen wont' be there either).
My cost:  I paid a few dollars on clearance several years ago for the kit (I'm thinking about $5, though it was definitely less than $10), which included cloth, pattern, needle, and fabric.  I had my own hoop, which was actually my mother's when she was growing up.  And we will be using a coupon to get this professionally framed in the near future - I'm expecting that to cost about $45 on sale with a single mat. Since it's a wedding/anniversary gift for a family member, we're willing to spend that.
Your cost:  Cost for a kit like this runs roughly $30 depending on the store you purchase it at. Framing will be extra. You can find them on clearance or use a coupon (both JoAnn and Michael's regularly have 20% to 50% off a single item coupons) for both the kit and the framing.  If you have the talent and tools you can frame this yourself for considerably less.  Or you could print an online free pattern or draw one on graph paper if you have stitching supplies already.
What did you make this week?

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