Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Goals - The Rest of March and into April

My daughter took a picture of this fabric that she liked to show my mother - the picture doesn't even do it justice! 
So, here's where I left you with my goals for March and how I managed to do with them:

* Read 2 books for my research. Read one and part of another one.
* Write 1000 words on my writings that I need to do for work and school. I wrote about 300 words.
* Calculate and Submit Mid-term grades.  Done!
* Finished the shredding at the office that I need to do. Did part of this.
* Remove two stacks of old papers from my bookcase at work and file, scan or shred as needed. Done!
* Prep one unit for my summer class. Didn't get to this.
* Sew a new Easter tablecloth. Didn't even get to look at this.
* Finish at least 5 gifts. Worked on several but didn't actually finish any.
* Finish 2 mostly-finished embroidery projects. Made progress but got neither done.
* Play at least two board games the children. Done!
* Have a date night with my husband. Done!
* Find a sitter for a date with have coming up in April. Done!
* Pull all the nettle in the yard before we get more snow. Didn't get to this due to the weather.
* Take a car-load of donations over to church for the "spring" rummage sale.  Took a load to the Thrift store instead because we can't drop off items for the rummage sale yet.

For having only a week and half of March, a sick child and a lot of other things going on, I think I did pretty well! 

Now, on to April:

* Finish reading that other book for my research
* Write at least 3500 words this month - I'd like to write 5000.
* Finish three house projects this month (on the docket: replace a door knob, paint the stairwell, paint the one repaired kitchen wall)
* Prep one unit for my summer class.
* Finish the office shredding.
* Make all gifts for holidays, and birthdays through the month of June.
* Sew a spring tablecloth.
* Mend at least 5 items.
* Finish two mostly-finished projects and start The Big Project
* Ready the guest room for company at the end of the month.
* Complete the spring yardwork (as weather permits).
* Take at least two loads of items to the church rummage sale.

I may add a few things to this as the month goes on, depending on what we get finished this month.  We have company coming at the end of the month and then more/different company coming in May and we need to be ready for that too.

What are you up to this month or this week?

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