Super Savings Saturday - We have $8.21 left for the rest of February!

So, I can't find my cable for my iPod so I have zero grocery photos from the last two weeks for you.  I can tell you what I bought at three different stores over two weeks (if I find the cable I'll upload the photos):

Store #1:
2 bags of spinach (coupon)
1 package chicken legs (on sale)
3lb ham
1 lb carrots (coupon)
5lb flour
2lb sugar
3lb bananas
32oz yogurt
36oz Smart Balance spread
1 dozen eggs
4 15oz cans corn (coupon)
1 15oz can green beans (coupon)
1 package tortilla chips (coupon)
4 packages of Cool Aid drink mix

Store #2:
5lb flour
4lb sugar
1lb carrots
fresh mushrooms
1 package tortilla chips
2 lbs red onions
6lbs apples
6lbs bananas
2 dozen eggs
1 package crackers

Store #3:
1 container baking powder

I now have $8.21 left for the next two weeks.  I'm thinking a gallon of milk and bananas but we'll see what we need to get.  I already have a short list of things that will wait until next month unless we run out sooner (toilet paper is one of them!).

Come back Monday to see what we're eating.

How did you do this week with your shopping? 


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