Menu Plan Monday - Meal plan for this week + Groceries!

Bagel Pizzas, Salad and Sliced Apples from a few weeks ago
I've been remiss about taking photos lately - of everything.  So, I may have posted that photo earlier - it was a tasty dinner and a bit of a surprise since John brought the bagels home from a breakfast at work. 

I sat down on Saturday morning and put together a menu plan for the rest of the month.  I only have a couple of things to buy to finish off the menu for the month - bacon, potatoes, yogurt, eggs and milk are the things that I anticipate needing before the end of the month.  I'm happy with that!

I spent $61.93 of my $100 for the two weeks at one store this last weekend on a whole bunch of things - many of which are on sale right now and will last us until January at the very least.  Here's what we bought:

5lbs Yellow Cornmeal $3.69
5lbs Unbleached Flour $1.77
3lbs Dark Brown Sugar $1.29
3lbs Light Brown Sugar $1.29
1lb Coffee $5.99
32oz Vegetable Oil $2.39
4 cans Whole Kernel Corn 4/$3
Crisco Sticks $3.49
2 packages Nestle Butterscotch Morsels 2 @ $1.99 = $3.98
3lbs Ground Beef $8.97
5lbs Yellow Onions $2.99
2 bags Fresh Spinach 2/$4 = $4
2 Green Bell Peppers @ $0.75ea = $1.50
Baby Portobello Mushrooms $1.55
1.8lbs Bananas @ $0.29/lb = $0.52
3lbs Red Delicious Apples $3.49
2.78lbs D'Anjou Pears $2.75
1 Gallon Kemp's Milk $3
Smart Balance Spread $2.99
32oz Dannon Yogurt $2.79

Total including tax: $61.93
Total Savings (according to the receipt) $6.42 (10%)

Here's what we're eating this week:

Sunday, December 6, St. Nicholas Day:
     Breakfast:  At a pancake fundraiser
     Lunch: Snacky: Homemade Chex Mix, Fruit, Yogurt
     Snack: Homemade Bread
     Dinner: Beef and Mushroom Gravy, Rice, Apple-Pear-Banana Salad

Monday, December 7:
    Breakfast: Eggs and Toast
    Lunch: Leftover Gravy and Rice
    Snack: Yogurt
    Dinner: Applesauce Chicken, Noodles, Apple-Banana-Mandarin Orange Salad

Tuesday, December 8:
    Breakfast: Oatmeal with Craisins and Walnuts
    Lunch: Leftover Chicken and Noodles
    Snack: Yogurt
    Dinner: Shrimp, Tossed Salad, Sliced Apples

Wednesday, December 9:
    Breakfast: Oatmeal Muffins, Oranges
    Lunch: Salad with Chicken
    Snack: Yogurt
    Dinner: Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, Cut Veggies, Fruit

Thursday, December 10:
    Breakfast: Chai Spiced Oatmeal
    Lunch: Leftover Pulled Chicken
    Snack: Yogurt
    Dinner: Soup from the Freezer, Bread, Sliced Apples or Pears

Friday, December 11:
   Breakfast: Eggs and Toast
   Lunch: Salad with Chicken
   Snack: Yogurt
   Dinner: Chicken Flavored Rice, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Apple-Banana-Pear Salad

Saturday, December 12:
    Breakfast: Buttermilk Coffee Cake, Applesauce
    Lunch: Soup from the Freezer, Tossed Salad
    Snack: Popcorn
    Dinner: Homemade Pizza and Breadsticks

What are you eating this week?


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