Frugal Friday - Garage Sale, Christmas Presents and other happenings

I finally have a Frugal Friday post on a Friday!  YAY!   I think I'm finally getting back on track here (or something!).

We're still busy here - I think this fall is just going to be a busy one.  That's okay.  We've been getting into a routine and making sure things get done with a few new additions to our evening routine and I'm loving that!   I'm hoping to write about that one these weeks.

Anyway, here's what we've done the last week as far as "frugal" things go (I apologize for any overlap with last week - these days all seem to run together for m!).

* We had our garage sale and made $96. 

*  I used some of that $96 to order Christmas presents.  We now have at least one present for everyone we need a present for.  Now, I just need to get myself in gear and finish the homemade ones!
* I started the Christmas gift I'm making for my mother.  I'll finish it closer to Christmas since part of it can be easily damaged.

* I finished two stitching projects that will be gifts for family members.

* We donated the leftovers from our Garage Sale and will receive a tax credit.

* The children attended a school's out program at a local community center for two days this week while MEA Weekend had school out.  It was far less expensive than I expected and less expensive than the other options and a good option for us.  They got to swim, play games, and see a movie while they were there.

* I taught an extra Jazzercise class this last week and made some extra money doing that.

* We had signed out children up for Parent's Night Out through the local school district.  We get 3 hours of childcare plus dinner for $12 per child.  We used a gift card dinner after hike at a local park for a frugal 3 hour date!  Our children aren't quite old enough to stay home alone yet.

* We picked all the green tomatoes and laid them out ripen inside the house.  I then pulled out the dead cucumber, crookneck squash, pumpkin and watermelon plants from our yard as well as the now-empty tomato plants.  I also transplanted Shasta daisies that needed to be split.   

* I mended 4 items and set aside several that need more complicated mending to do at a single time later. 

* I ripped apart seams on several clothing items so I can repurpose the fabric.

*  Used a coupon to order shoes online for my son - he's growing fast and his current shoes almost don't fit.  He has double-wide feet so finding shoes is difficult.  I ordered two pairs of shoes on clearance for myself - since I only had tennis shoes currently to wear - with the same order, so we received free shipping.

*  My husband started swimming again with a "season pass" at the local school pool.  It ends up costing about $1.50 per swim with the pass, cheaper than the $3-$5 per swim at the door (depending on the day of the week).   He was a competition swimming in high school and college and has missed it so much!

We also cooked most of our meals at home and brown-bagged others, washed out and reused zipper-top baggies, and all of our daily "frugal" things.

What did you do this week?


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