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Menu Plan Monday and Grocery Shopping - Week of May 3rd, 2015

It's birthday week here - our twins turn 10 this week!  Where on earth does that time go?  I swear I haven't aged a day since they were born.  We also have the children's dance recital, a lot of company, and Grandparent's Day at the children's school! Plus teacher appreciation week at the school as well.  May is always busy, isn't it? I went shopping on Saturday early evening and bought the food below for $61.05.  I saved approximately 10% ($6 and change) using store coupons. Since the pictures a bit hard to see, here's what I bought: 1 40oz package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts 2 pork roasts (approximately 3.5lbs each) 2 cartons of ice cream 3 dry pints blackberries 1 box Cheez-It crackers 1 box store brand woven wheat crackers 2 bags salad greens 2 dry pints grape tomatoes 2 loaves bread 1 bunch (approximately 3 lbs) bananas I only bought the blackberries and bananas this week since we had a mango and a cantaloupe leftover from last week, my pa…

Frugal Friday on a Saturday

Isn't this beautiful?   This is my rhododendron that is right outside my kitchen window.   This year it is making my absurdly happy.   The last two years it bloomed and then we had a hard freeze so I didn't get to enjoy it.  It's kind of on it's last legs now, but I have definitely been enjoying it all week this week!
The other thing that's making my happy  - daffodils!  So pretty!  Too bad they're out of my line of sight from the house.  That just means I have to go outside to see them. I also have dwarf irises in both light blue and dark purple that are budding out and the lilacs should be blooming in another week or two.  The rhubarb should be ready for harvest next week.  I guess spring is officially here! So, I it's been a while since I posted about Frugal Friday - partly because we have been super busy around here and partly because I just haven't felt like I had much to post.  Looking back at my journal, I think I'm wrong! Here are some of t…