These are a Few of My Favorite Things - October 2014

Wow, has the fall just flown by.... whiz!  I can't believe we're in November already.   I guess that is how the seasons change around here.  Here are a few of my favorite things from October this year:

The last of my flowers blooming before we started to get "cold".

Aren't they beautiful?  My roses are having one last hurrah right now - I love it!
We had amazing fall color here this year.  I took the long way to work most days just because it let me soak up that beautiful color longer.  Sadly, I don't have any photos.
My children playing their instruments have really made progress this month - it's super fun to hear them playing and I think they're enjoying it too.

My daughter was adamant that she saw something really cool in the clouds one day and had to take a photo of it. Now we have no memory of what that something really cool was but I love the photo anyway.
Having my children making pictures in the clouds. 
My children playing well together - Legos, catch, card games, etc. 

My son got these colorful glitter "tattoos" at a party he went to - Loki and Thor.  My son was Thor for Halloween with a super awesome, Grandma made costume and an even more awesome Grandpa made hammer!
My daughter going to a slumber party for a friend's birthday and having a great time.  Even more - she came home with a really beautiful tie dyed t-shirt she made herself!   That girl has awesome color sense!
John really getting settled in in his Internship church.  It's a great fit for him and we're so grateful for everything that has been happening there.  He's learning so much and having a great time doing it.
My parents purchasing their plane tickets to come up for Christmas - we weren't sure they were going to make it.  So glad that they can come!
My daughter decided that we had to make more Halloween decorations this year.  So we played around on the internet for a while.  We found this saying and she made a sign.

Here's what the area by our front door looked like.  The sign above, two "brooms" my daughter made with twigs from the yard and rubber bands, and a frog flower pot we've had for years.  The flower we had in there this summer was already done for the year, so it was perfect!  I think I'm going to tuck the brooms into the corner of the garage for use next year too.
She also made pom-pom jack-o-lanterns for the top of the roll top desk and ghost luminaries for the driveway.  Both using things we had on hand.

Not having to buy candy for a long while. *wink*

We've been on a board game kick for family nights this last month.  This one is "By Jove".  My husband used to play this all the time growing up, so when he had the chance to buy this at a garage sale a few years ago he snapped it up!  The board is similar to Monopoly but the game is very different (but also long!).  The children love it!
Getting started on Christmas gifts for family.  I have a couple of things for the children, something I want to make for my Operation Christmas Child boxes, and I'm going to help the children make gifts for their teachers and Grandparents and then I think we're done! I think buying ahead was a smart idea this year!
Skipping hand in hand with my son.
Watching my daughter dance - she is getting so good and she just loves it!
Finally getting caught up on my grading.
My mom's heart tests coming back good - her heart is very healthy! Hurray!
My friend and her newborn daughter being safe and healthy after a very long, difficult pregnancy and delivery.  Now praying for another friend and her unborn daughter who are going through a similar struggle.
Five super fun Halloween/Harvest parties with lots of good food, friends and conversation.  I'm so glad that we have such good friends!
Morning hugs from my children.
Holding hands with my husband.
Bonfires in the fire pit in the back yard.
Pumpkin chocolate-chip monster cookies - super yum!
Getting my children's artwork from school last year hung on the walls in the family room.  I've had the frames and artwork mostly together for the last month, but I really needed to get them hung.  Finally did it! Yay!  And it looks great.  (I should probably email a photo of it hanging up to their art teacher at school, don't you think?)
Having such delicious things to eat on a tight budget.
Being able to clean out and treat a friend who just bought his first Christmas Tree in almost 10 years to ornaments for that tree.  He is alone on the holidays and hasn't felt like decorating since his last family member passed on, so this is a huge deal!  He decorates early and I was so excited that I could bless him with our excess!
Homemade bread, warm from the oven with a little butter.
Finding the hand knit slippers that my grandma made me years ago.  The small ones fit the children, the "grown up" ones fit me. John doesn't like slippers so it all works out well.  An I get such and nice remember of my Grandma.  I had tucked the slippers away in the back of a dresser drawer and totally forgotten about them!
What have been your favorite things in October 2014?


  1. That was a fun list to read! Your gladiola was gorgeous.


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