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Menu Plan Monday and This Week's Groceries

Well, Hello there!

Thanks for sticking around and waiting for me to get my computer "issues" unraveled.  I now I have a very nice new laptop - one that is a higher quality and sturdier than I have bought in a few years.  Since we don't have a desktop computer anymore, this is the one that I will be using for work too.  I have been having difficulty getting the photos transferred from my iPod/camera so I don't have any photos for you.  Hopefully by next week, I will have that problem fixed!

The last few weeks we've been staying at $25/week give or take $1.50 from our $30/week budget for groceries.  That meant we had a few "extra" dollars in the envelope for this week's shop and we spent $42 this week for groceries and a couple of boxes of plastic zipper top bags, mostly used for lunches and snacks for the children.  I have some materials to make fabric, reusable versions but I haven't had the time yet!  Unfortunately, I misplaced the receipt so I…