Goals for this week - June 15 - 21, 2014

Cleaning out my front flower bed!

While I haven't posted goals for a while now, I've been very diligent about writing them down. It seems like I don't get much of anything done if I don't write my goals down - I'm really pretty scatterbrained sometimes!   I'm home with my children for the next six weeks with a couple of random days here and there where I have to be in at work or school.  The majority of our time will be spent at home so here's the goals for this week:

* Finish activities list for one unit for the class I'm re-doing for this fall.

* Finish power point
* Talk to Advisor

* Teach 2 classes
* Learn 2 new routines
* Attend at least one other class

* Swimming Lessons
* Piano Lessons
* Dance  Lessons
* Playdate for Missy
* Outing with the children: I'm hoping to take them to a local zoo (we have a couple) if the weather cooperates!
* Visit the Local Library

* Remove one more bucket of rocks from the front flower bed
* Dig out the grape vine stump from the back flower bed
* Work on cleaning out extra stuff in the furnace room (minimum goal: 2 boxes) - I honestly think we shut the door and that stuff just multiplies on it's own! :)
* Weed for at least 10 minutes each day that the weather is good enough to do so
* Update the budget book and revise the budget now that we know how much money we have coming in this summer

* Send two cards of encouragement
* Write to our Compassion International Child
* Pray for our Internship Congregation and a Congregation John is preaching at later this summer

* Repaint my toenails
* Get to bed on time at least 5 nights this week
* Attend a pot luck for some a friend
* Visit another friend

Bonus Item: If I have time or the weather doesn't cooperate and I'm sick of cleaning out, etc. I'm hoping to get some scrapbooks laid out - I'm dreadfully behind and since I enjoy the creative part of it, I'd like to get a few things done!

We keep up the swimming, dance and piano lessons over the summer for the children.  Swimming is ongoing weekly until they are as proficient as we'd like them to be.  The dance and piano are way scaled back from during the school year - they do a couple of classes each month with the dance just to keep things fresh in their memory and piano is only for 6 weeks just to keep everything fresh too (this is the first week for that).   I'm hoping to do one outing a week and one playdate a week for the children too but I'm not going to sweat either one of those.  If they happen, great. If not, no big deal.

I'm trying to finish up some projects that I've had on the back burner around the house here and we also have a few bigger projects that I'm hoping to tackle starting next week.   Hopefully those will be separate posts with some photos!  Let's just say I've had fun picking out paint and looking at area rugs!

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