Monday, March 3, 2014

Goals for the Week of March 2, 2014

This week started off with my Dad's 82nd Birthday on Sunday - Happy Birthday Daddy!   I can't believe he's already 82.  John is completely done with Internship (Vicarage) interviews and now we turn in the paperwork and wait until assignments come out in April.   He was assigned the first part of his Internship - the chaplaincy part - and it is a place that he is very excited to be!  We only have 13 weeks until Internship starts now.  I'm nervous, excited and scared all at once!

Here's what's up this week for me;

* Be ready for class each day
* Keep my grading caught up to current (so far so good this year - I'm pretty proud of myself!)
* Research project with my independent study student
* Review book choices for fall (I get to pick a new book for my class!)

* Meet with my Advisor again
* Cross off at least 10 things on my graduation to-do list

* Teach two classes
* Learn two new routines
* Paperwork
* Do my Yoga CD at least once
* Attend one class this week

* My Dad's 82nd Birthday
* Swimming Lessons
* Piano Lessons
* Dance Lessons
* Both Children have a Friend's Birthday Party to attend (We'll have a date during that time).
* Family Night

* Ironing (yep - it's never-ending)
* Finish cleaning out the filing cabinet
* Finish my cousin's memorial quilt (not sure if this will happen but going to try!)
* List of items to do over spring break (John wants a few things he and the kids can do)

* Drop off items for fundraiser
* Fat Tuesday - Dinner and Talent Show at Church
* Ash Wednesday - Worship and observance at home
* Turn in the last of Internship Paperwork

* Get my hair trimmed (I ran into my old stylist recently and I'm going back to her!)
* Soak my feet and paint my toenails
* The leather dress boots I've been looking at are on sale so I'm going to buy them this week!

Yep - I have a VERY full week.  I'm hoping to get some sleep and eat well and leave off all the "fluff" stuff (reading for fun, etc.) that I would like to get done and just focus on the list above.  If I can get that all done we should be able to get a few big things changed around the following week.  I'm hoping!  What are you up to this week?

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