Sunday, January 12, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things - Things from the Christmas Season

I have to say I love January.

Once the hubbub of Christmas and John's birthday dies down and the decorations are all put away, the peace and quiet that comes is something that I always enjoy.  No wonder it's a time for resolutions and new goals and reevaluating things. 

All that said, I also love the Christmas season.  I love cookies and decorations and snow and "making merry" and spending some "extra" time with my family.  Christmas was extra special this year  because my parents were able to be with us and my Dad is in remission from his cancer.  Best Christmas gift in my lifetime I'd say!

Here are some of my favorite things from the Christmas season:

Cookies decorated by my children.
The lovely doll furniture made by my Dad for my Missy.  Here she was getting them ready for a tea party with her dolls and their puppies.
My children making the snowballs for a snow man.  This was my favorite photo because it's so FUNNY!  Even funnier - my tiny Mom put on my big down parka and helped!
Aren't these cute?  They are two clay nativity scenes that we bought this year - one for each child. 
The Kit-Katt Keyboard that I made for the children's piano recital. I 'm glad I got a photo because it  was a huge hit and was gone in about 5 minutes!
I got the idea here.
Homemade Lefse! Yum!

I love this idea - the title of the Christmas Eve sermon at our church was "The Cross in the Cradle". I love that.  And I love this visual in front of the altar too.  (Not so sure about that blue poinsettia though!)

Lots and lots and LOTS of good and yummy food!  This was Christmas morning "Brunch".

We played lots of games - this is the "vintage" Life game that I had growing up.  We love playing this!  We played Monopoly and I was reminded again why I don't like that game! It can stay in the cupboard forever, in my opinion.  We have so many other fun games to play instead.

The final product of the snowman making.  We got a "Snowman Kit" for Christmas a couple of years ago and it makes a really good snowman!

We got the children these little guys for their stockings.  The force on the inside of the egg as the inside critter expands causes the egg to "break" and the critter to come out.  We got the children lizards this year.  It takes about a day before the egg pops open and they love it!  leaving the critter in the water makes it get nice and big too.  
What are some of your favorite things from this Christmas season?

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