These are a Few of My Favorite Things - Little Things for December

We have been soooo busy these last few weeks and doctor appointments for John added to the mix just made things more chaotic.   We are diligently trying to celebrate Advent here and my photos are carefully ensconced on my iPod.  So, sorry, no photos with this post!  Hope to have some up later this week!

Here are some of my favorite little things this last week or two:

Celebrating St. Nicholas Day.
The Advent wreath.
Our fun fabric Nativity (a wedding gift from friends of my parents).
The children playing Christmas carols on the piano.
Cookies!!!!  YUM!
Starting to wrap the gifts.
Decorating the china hutch and the kitchen shelf.
Getting ready for company.
Finishing up the semester - for John and I.
Making Christmas gifts.
Hot Cocoa.
Hot Tea.
Hot Coffee.
Trying new recipes.
Christmas lights! (One of our neighbors has the best display this year!)
Seeing friends while running errands.
Advent music at church.
New Christmas dresses for me and Missy.
New dress clothes for Buddy that color-coordinate with the girls.
Not having to buy a thing for John to match all the rest of us.
St. Lucia Day.
Christmas cards.
Having time to read books for leisure again - so many books, so little time!
Hugs and smiles and laughter.
John doing much better (thank you for your prayers) health-wise.
What are your favorite things so far this December?


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