Sunday, October 13, 2013

Super Savings "Saturday" - I saved more than I spent

Okay, so maybe I should say "John saved more than he spent" since I sent him out to the store since my cousin Diane was visiting and I wanted to stay home and visit with her. :)  Love that man for doing things like that for me!   And I didn't get a picture either - since we had company we just put the groceries away rather than setting them out to take a picture.

We spent $32 and change.  I "saved" $34 and change.  Of course, I put the receipt somewhere where I would remember where I put it and now I can't find it! :)

Here's the deals I remember:

5lb All Purpose Flour $1.77 (sale)
Westpac Mixed Veggies $0.77 - $0.35 - $0.35 = $0.07 (sale minus doubled coupon)
Cheerios 3 boxes at 3/$6 - $1 - $1 - $0.50 - $0.50 = $3 (sale minus two doubled coupons)
Quaker Oatmeal 2 @ $1.77 = $3.54  (sale)
Skippy Peanut Butter 2/$3 = $3 (sale)
5lb Potatoes $0.99 (sale)
3lb Yellow Onions $0.99 (sale)
2lb Carrots $0.99 (sale)
Yoplait Greek Yogurt 6oz 10/$10 - $1 - $1 - $0.60 - $0.60 = $6.80 ($0.68 each) (sale minus two doubled coupons)

We also bought pears, mushrooms, tea and something else that I'm forgetting.

It was a really good week grocery-wise and I was happy to stock up on some flour, oatmeal, cheerios and peanut butter.  We were completely out of potatoes and carrots so those were much appreciated and the yogurt makes for something easy to take for lunch for me. 

I'm feeling a bit like a heel that I can't find the receipt but I'll chalk that up to a busy weekend.  We got some really difficult news this weekend and it's leaving us very disappointed and hurt - Lord willing, I'll write more about that on Thursday this week.  Company always makes things crazy and I'm heading into mid-term projects at school which makes things even busier. 

In the meantime, my folks are visiting (super fun!), we had a great weekend with my cousin, and it's MEA weekend this weekend  - the kids get a four day weekend!  We're excited about doing some fall things this weekend and we're enjoying some definitely fall weather.   Come back on Monday and see what we're eating.

How did you do with your shopping this weekend?

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