Super Savings Saturday - $43.59 Stock Up Shopping

Since my parents had been buying us groceries for the last few weeks we had money left over from our previous couple of week's grocery budget.   Last week we used some to stock up and we did the same this week and we bought some ham steaks for dinner with company this weekend (much quicker than a whole ham since they are coming home with us after Worship).

Here's what we bought:

Store #1:
5 pears
1 tote bag full apples
Wesson Cooking Oil  $2.89
Total Store #1: $10.17 
(I misplaced the store receipt so I'm not sure exactly how much we paid for the apples and pears, though I do know they were each $0.98/lb).

Store #2:
50oz Era Laundry Liquid $2.98 - $0.50- $0.50 = $1.98
Campbell's Canned Soup 5 @ 5/$5 = $5 - $0.40 - $0.40 = $4.20 ($0.84 each)
Kraft Caramel Bits $1.98
Yellow Sweet Corn 6 @ 3/$1 = $2
Ham Slice $4.78
Ham Slice $4.57
Cheerios 6 @ $1.88 = $11.28 - $2 - $0.50 - $0.50 = $8.28 ($1.38/box)
Onion Soup Mix Packet $0.42
5lbs Flour $2.39
24oz Yellow Cornmeal $2.15
Sales Tax $0.32 (Minnesota doesn't have food tax but the Caramel Bits and the Era are taxed)
Total Store #2: $33.42
Saved $18.35 according to store receipt

Total spent: $43.59
(With $30 from this week's budget and $13.59 from last week - we have $8 and change left from the last few weeks - I'm hoping to stop by Sam's Club this week and buy a 25lb bag of flour with that.) 

A couple of notes about this week's shopping: 

The Caramel Bits are for making caramel apples with our friends on Sunday after lunch and, as I said, we bought the ham for ease since we had some extra money or I would have just cooked the full ham that we have in the freezer Saturday night.  We had a birthday party tonight (Saturday) on the other side of town and since our friends are coming over right after Worship, we decided to go this route. 

We have watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe and a ton of veggies leftover from last week so we have plenty to eat in those areas and we have chicken, shrimp, a ham and a turkey in the freezer still, along with cooked salmon and turkey.  Our CSA is done for the year but we still have tomatoes, peppers and squash in the garden (I've given up on fall lettuce). 

We definitely don't have a shortage of food in the house!

We're trying a new recipe this week for the crock pot - come back on Monday to see what we're eating!

How did you do with your shopping this week?


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