Goals - Week of September 22, 2013

So, the photo has NOTHING to do with my goals this week!  This was a tomato we got from our CSA end of August and we used it for BLT's for 6 (two adults and two children) one night for dinner.  It was huge (my hand is in the photo for comparison) but it was so tasty!  I think I might have to find out the type of tomato and see if we can grow some next year in our backyard.

My goals for this week are pretty straight forward.  I don't have a whole lot on the docket for things around the home right now - we're pretty swamped at work and I have been having medical issues again so I thought it would be better to just keep things relatively simple this week.

So here's what I'm hoping to get done:

* Course Prep for this week and next
* Keep my grading all caught up
* Order the rest of my equipment

*  Meet with my advisor
* Work on the proposal with my colleague

* Learn 3 new routines
* Teach 3 classes
* Get my paperwork for October ready

* Have friends over for lunch after Worship on Sunday
* Piano Lessons Tuesday at School (children)
* Choir Practice Wednesday (me)
* Dance Lessons Thursday (children)
* Swimming Lessons Friday (children)
* Family Night Friday: Michael and All Angels
* At Home Date Night Saturday: Bonfire with Apple Crisp

* Finish purging clutter from the living room (almost done with this)
* Weeding
* Mending - replacing hooks and eyes only
* Inventory the pantry and kitchen cupboards

* Pray for the congregation we'll be at on Sunday this next week
* Proofread John's Sermon for Sunday
* Thank you notes to two friends who accompanied service for us in August (totally spaced that one!)
* Update my prayer book
* Update the memory verse system we used when the children were little and start using it again

* Complete 1 hour of embroidery this week
* Soak my feet and paint my toenails
* Pray for some guidance with some things I've been struggling with lately

What are you up to this week?


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