Super Savings Saturday - $17.33 Shopping Trip, Garden Produce and our CSA Share

We're still trying to figure out this grocery budget thing.  We decided to do $2000 for the entire year for groceries/toiletries/paper products - or $400 for the CSA and $1600 for everything else - or $30.75 per week.  We have 5 1/2 months left this year to try it out so we decided that's what we'd for the rest of the year.  We also put together a list of things we'd like to stockpile before our internship year - things we use regularly and often run out of.  We're hoping to save up the "extras" after shopping each week and stock up of those things.  I'm hoping to do a separate post on those items and our "buy" prices for those items later this week.  We get paid every 2 weeks so we decided to implement this this week (the beginning of a 2 week cycle) and see how we do with it.

I'm hoping to have this grocery budget thing worked out by the end of the 2013 year so we have 4 months of full "practice" before we have to do this "for real".  I'm so grateful we have that practice time! I'm not sure how we'd manage if we didn't!  I'm also concerned about how my illnesses will pan out with this so we'll see about that too. Hopefully we can make all this work without major incident.

Last week (when I totally forgot to post!) we got 10 mangoes for $3.99 (or 39 cents each), 2.3 lbs of peaches for $0.99/lb, 1.6lbs of nectarines for $0.99/lb and a peck of new potatoes at the farmer's market for $3.  That was our shopping for a total of $10.86.  With that and our CSA we had plenty to eat!

Here's our CSA box for this week:

We received (clockwise from top left): Kale, garlic, golden beets, broccoli, 2 zucchini, raspberries, mixed lettuce, cucumber, green onions, one kholrhabi and (in the middle) green beans and peas.  

We also picked 3 of these from our own garden this week:

That's a yellow zucchini! And we have LOTS more where that came from that will be coming soon!

Our grocery trip netted us this (please ignore my messy table in the background!):

John was a sweetie since I was having some very nasty medical issues and went to one store for us this week:

Here's the run-down:

All 4x Ultra Free Laundry Detergent $3.99 - $1 - $1 (doubled coupon) = $1.99
Clear Value 48oz Vegetable Oil $2.59
Kellogg's Crispix Cereal $2.50 - $1(half of doubled coupon) - $0.50(store coupon) = $1.00
Kellogg's Froot Loops Cereal  $2.50 - $1(half of doubled coupon) - $0.50 (store coupon) = $1.00
Kellogg's Scooby Doo Cereal $2.50 - $0.70 - $0.70 (doubled coupon) - $0.50 (store coupon) = $0.60
Kellogg's Crispix Cereal $2.50 - $0.50 (store coupon) = $2
Scott Bath Tissue 8 count Double Roll $6.49 - $1.01 - $0.75 - $0.75(doubled coupon) = $3.98
1.32lbs Peaches @ $0.88/lb = $1.16
1.67lbs Nectarines @ $0.88/lb = $1.47
1 dozen Large Grade A Eggs $1.99 - $0.50 - $0.50 (doubled coupon) = $0.99

Total including $0.55 cents in sales tax on the TP and the laundry detergent: $17.33
Total Saved According to the receipt: $23.69 (58%)

So with our budget of $30.75 for the week we have $13.42 toward a stock-up trip at some time in the future.

Come back on Monday to see what we're eating! And I'm hoping to post on Wednesday about how we're hoping to stock up and what things we'll be stock up on.  


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