Of new computers, locked thigh muscles and other "fun" things

Well, it's been quite the week... and I totally did not mean to leave you all hanging for over a week!

My week (and slightly more) in a nutshell:

* My computer completely bit the dust.

* I managed to do something that locked a rather important muscle in my right thigh.

* I somehow managed to develop sciatica (directly related to the locked muscle).

* Our daycare lady had to have a cyst removed from her foot and then be off of it for an entire week.

* It rained for 5 straight days.

* John strained his hamstring to the point where it swelled up like a softball.

* A local Pastor had a family emergency and John had to fill in at the last minute for two services.  While we were so thankful we could help, there went our one "free" weekend all summer!

* Our clothes washer decided to over-fill itself, spilling water everywhere (fortunately the laundry room isn't finished and has a floor drain).

On the up side:

* A physical therapist friend helped me unlock the muscle for free and in about 15 minutes too.  Now it's just SUPER sore.

* I now have a new computer (which is apparently incompatible with our modem, sigh).

* We got to meet some lovely people at the church John filled in at.  And they have a beautiful Sanctuary and a wonderful accompanist.

* I don't think our laundry room floor has ever been this clean.

* Friends welcomed a brand new baby girl to their family on Wednesday last week (and dang, is she a cutie!).  She has LOTS of dark hair and her older brother (age 2) is completely smitten!

* Another friend announced her engagement - we're SO happy for her (they're a great couple and so happy together).

* And our zucchini and tomato plants are going gangbusters.

* I finally caught up on my "for fun" reading.

* And I get to spend some extra time with the kiddos.

* Another friend celebrated her 60th Birthday with a surprise party - super fun!

* We have Vacation Bible School coming up next week and the kids are super excited.

Either way, I'm ready for a slightly calmer week this week!

I'm hoping to get a couple of posts up today or tomorrow and then back to something resembling a regular schedule soon. 

Thanks for your patience!


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