Frugal, er, Sunday - Frugal Things I Did Last Week

It seems like most of the things that we do that count as "frugal" each week are things that are so routine for us, it's almost silly to write them down.  You know, things like eating at home, taking a lunch to work/school and sticking to a grocery budget.  We do them anyway, and they certainly help!  Maybe that's why we should mention them.

Either way, here's a few things we did this week that aren't in the "normal" list of things we do each and every week:

* Took the children to the local splash pad near our house for a fun Father's Day afternoon.  We only got to stay for about 20 minutes due to bad weather, but we all had fun anyway.

* Bought 24 bags of mulch for our flower beds on sale this week.  Need a lot more, but this is a start!

* Baked chocolate chip cookies using a cake mix rather than flour since I had a cake mix I had gotten for free that needed to be used up and was almost out of white flour anyway.  They turned out good. :)

* Met with a more experienced Jazzercise instructor about some strength training moves - I wanted to make sure I was doing some moves correctly before I taught them in class.  I love how we are one big Jazzercise family that is so willing to help each other out!

* Was able to get the rest of my son's school uniforms from the uniform swap at school! Whoot!  Now I only need to buy shoes and socks for both children and tights for my girl for this fall.  Love that!

* Scheduled a make-up piano lesson to replace one we'll miss later this summer.  Ditto for a swimming lesson.  No money lost on missed lessons!

* Worked from home or the public library (which is walking distance from our house) 4 days this week -saved on both distractions and gas use!

* Returned several books to the library before we had to pay for them. :)  Checked out several books on CD for our driving around over the next couple of weeks.

* Were gifted a dozen gourmet cupcakes from a classmate of my husband's.  He routinely drives people around when they're in town for class at the Seminary (many come from out of state), so one of them gave us a dozen gourmet cupcakes to say thank you.  YUM!

* Accepted free apples and zucchini from a friend who wasn't going to eat them before they went bad.

* Saw a free movie at a local park put on by our local parks and recreation department - and we brought our own popcorn and drinks from home.  It was super fun and the children even got to play with some friends while we were there. Double bonus!

* Got the children's hair cut with a coupon. They look great and right around $20 for two hair cuts including tip!

* My daughter has been reading to Grandpa via video.  It's free and is a great way to stay connected with Grandpa (and Grandma too) and practice her reading skills all at the same time!

* Both children have been writing stories with Grandma - back and forth.  They each write a paragraph and them mail it to the other and then back and forth.  At the end of the summer the children are going to draw illustrations and then we'll have them made into a "real" book.  For the price of a postage stamp every week it's a great way to practice writing. And who doesn't love getting real old-fashioned mail?

That's all I can think of right now.  What have you been doing that's frugal this week?

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